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Keys To Success

The ACVA Online Curriculum Committee

To get the greatest outcome from your online learning experiences, you and your classmates are being asked to meet a minimal set of requirements. To help assess your progress towards the goal of 600 Level One certification points, each week you will be given an evaluated score on your performance on that week’s class activities.

These requirements center around class activities such as, 1) attending class on line, 2) submitting scheduled assignments on time, and 3) sharing knowledge and experience by making comments on each others postings to the Discussion Board.

For maximum benefits as an ACVA Online Student. We require that you:

1) Attend: Login to the Discussion Board class 3 to 5 times during a week.

2) Participate: Take part in the class by responding to at least 2 of your fellow students postings per each discussion question. Interact with your instructor and fellow students and share your knowledge of Vedic astrology on the Main Discussion Board (Note: Chat, Student-Instructor Interaction and Personal emails do not count as participation)

3) Meet Due dates: Assignments are to be submitted within the required scheduled due dates to achieve your points for the week. If you cannot meet the submission due date, please contact your instructor to talk about other arrangements.

Weekly Performance Evaluation Feedback

Each course week ends on a Tuesday. Your instructor will give your feed back within four days or less from the end of each course week.

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