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Definition of Terms


Attendance means that you login to class at least 3 of 7 days week.

Attendance is about the frequency of being online in the class. Spreading out your attendance over a minimum of three different days keeps the flow of the class balanced. If you were to attend or log in on just one day, it would create a sudden overload of review and response activity for both your instructor and fellow classmates. Time management skills will help you succeed as an online student. Examples of attendance or logging in are turning in class assignments, entering substantive posts on the Main Discussion Board, interacting with your instructor and fellow students, to submit assignments and other student requirements. Chat Board, Student-Instructor Interaction Board, Personal emails (via your student or home email address) with your instructor or classmates, do not count towards attendance.


Participation means that you take part in the class by submitting at least 2 responses to the instructors and your fellow students postings per Discussion Question during the course of the week. Participation is sharing your knowledge and/or questions about Vedic astrology by interacting with your instructor or others in the Main Class Discussion Board. Interacting effectively with others is one of the main ways we can learn on line. We want to take advantage of this. It is also important that the knowledge sharing be substantive.(see definition of Substantive below).

Interaction is an important key to your learning success online. You get to benefit from the knowledge and experience of your classmates and instructor and they get to benefit from what you contribute to the learning experience. Even if you log in everyday and observe the submissions and responses from the instructor and other students, they are not getting the benefit of your input and you are not gaining the benefit from being drawn into the interactive, give-and-take of the ACVA Online learning process.

Substantive Participation

You will be expected to participate regularly with "substantive" dialogue for full participation credit. Substantive means saying more than, "I agree" or "Good point". Discussion Board postings should be a minimum of one or two complete sentences, and typically no more than 150-200 words. (200 words is about one screen of 12 pt. writing.) While robust answers can be enjoyable to create, longer responses increase the reading workload for both your fellow students and instructor. What you will find is that long answers often are not fully read by others, again because they require more attention and time than your fellows students might have ... Your instructor will be monitoring your participation.

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