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Using Discussion Groups

Most of our discussions will take place in the Discussion Board of the ACVA Online site. It is a place for general discussion where we will all be learning from each other.

Once you have logged in, and started your class please feel free to comment on any submissions from your instructor or your class members. Please be vigilant and follow the "thread" in responding to postings.

Class discussion questions will be posted by Sunday or sooner and are important to reinforce and build on the weekly learning material. You have the entire week (Wednesday through Tuesday) to discuss the issues. Your instructor will be monitoring the conversations and will provide input and feedback as necessary.

How to use Discussion Threads

It will be your responsibility to provide feedback and discussion through the specific Discussion Question Thread in the Discussion Board of the ACVA Online site.

The instructor will post the question in the Subject block of the message and all you have to do is go to the next discussion posting and press Reply and your thread will be placed below the questions you are providing feedback to. To avoid confusion in tracking discussion threads, please try to avoid changing the Subject block of your discussion thread response.

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