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Welcome to the Level I ACVA Online Classroom

You have just begun an exciting adventure of online learning! There are ten modules in the ACVA Online Level I Vedic astrology course. Each module lasts three weeks and there is a one or two week break between modules. Check the course calendar for your schedule. There are various types of assignments given in each module, designed to help you learn and understand the many techniques and concepts of Vedic astrology.

The role of the instructor in the ACVA Online Classroom is one of a guide and mentor. The role of the student is that of a self-directed learner who interacts with the instructor and fellow students in learning the principles and practices of Vedic astrology. Access to your instructor is only a mouse click away, no matter where you are in the world.

New Student Orientation Video

You can watch the New Student Orientation Video by downloading it to your computer for playback. The hyperlink takes you to the instructions and download page.

General Overview

Most of your lessons will be viewed online at the ACVA Online website. There are also links to supplementary articles and websites. At the end of each module is a bibliography with additional resources that the students might wish to pursue.

In addition to quizzes that are embedded in the online material, there are interactive discussion questions. The discussion questions are answered on a special Discussion Board for your class which is located on the ACVA Online website. Here you can read what the other students have written and reply with your own comments. The interactions between the students and instructor on the Discussion Board are rich and dynamic and play a major role in online learning. At the end of each week's session, you will also be given the opportunity to create a summary of what was important for you for that week and offer any suggestions for course improvement.

Since this is an online course in learning Vedic astrology, early on in the course, students are encouraged to start looking at natal charts. By the fourth module students will be required to write a short case study for a natal chart. The instructor will give specific feedback on these case studies.

In general you will have a different instructor for each module. However, other instructors might also participate in your class Discussion Board or guest lecturers might be invited online.

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