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Keys To Success

Keys to Successful Online Attendance and Class Participation

We at ACVA Online have given much thought to our course design and have worked to make your online classroom environment exciting and innovative, yet directed and structured to the degree necessary. Based on research, our experience, and the best practices of top online learning institutions, we believe that we have found a point of integration between the flexibility and stability that is required to be a successful online learner.

As a motivated and eager student of Vedic astrology, we feel you can reach your peak performance online by meeting a defined set of academic requirements. We know that it is important to let students direct the engine of their learning (with our instructor’s guidance) yet it also important that we all have a common track to run on.

We hope the class freedom, combined with academic structure, will help you persist towards meeting your learning goals ... AND a final outcome of the 600 points of credit you will earn towards your ACVA Level One Certification. This will be a great accomplishment and we don’t want you to miss it!

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