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Travel Tips

1. Find A Connection To The Internet (If Possible Bring A PC)

1.1 You need to find a dataline to connect (dial-up) to the net. Either you bring your own laptop (with a phone cord), or you will have to not only find an internet connection, but a PC to work from. If you have a laptop or internet compatible palm device, you will have more opportunities to connect while traveling. While expensive, and perhaps stretching it a bit, laptops can be rented by the week, or perhaps you could borrow one from a generous friend.

1.2 Check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider, e.g. AOL, Earthlink,etc.) to see if they have national or even international access. Sometimes you can dial in under your own account by traveling. Another aspect of this is a service called "WebMail" where you can also access your email account from any PC while you are traveling. The ACVA Online email can be accessed from "ANY" internet connection.

1.3 Many business (hotels, coffee shops and internet cafes) are offering wireless and wired broadband connections. Most (not all) charge for this service. In some cases it will be covered in the room fee or in rare cases just plain free. If there is a charge try to find the "best" rate. Rather than a per minute or per hour charge, see if they sell block time (10 hours - 20 hours etc.) or have a monthly fee. Also ask if they have a sign-up bonus or try for 30 day plan that offers a special. Be careful not to pre-pay for too much time! Getting a refund for unused time is almost impossible.

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