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2. Sources of Internet Connections

2.1 Lodging 2.1.1 "Datalines" built into their phones or phone style wall jacks: You will need a both a PC and a dial-up access number (provided by your ISP) to use a dataline in your hotel room.

Often the phones in the rooms have another jack built into the side of the phone (it will be marked "data", that is a dedicated line for the net. If not you will have to bring a two outlet jack (visit Radio Shack, or the Phone Section of some electronics store) to connect both the room phone and the phone line to your PC modem jack to that wall jack. Note: Some motel / hotel PBX switchboards don't allow this type of adapter to work with the iternet - ask the frontdesk if you are having problems. If you don't use a two outlet jack, you will have to set-up and break down your connection each time to use the phone for voice purposes.

Contact your ISP before you leave, about the process of dialing-up (and related fees) while traveling. Be sure to use a local number dial-up to avoid toll charges. You ISP will have a list of dial-up numbers for various cities (even internationally) that are cheaper to use. If not, they usually have an 800 number you can use for a designated fee. The hotel might also have a fee or per minute charge to use the phoe (either data or voice) The desk clerk might not know, so you will have to track down someone who does. Talk to the manager. Do not guess or assume about the fees. You could get a big $urpri$e at check-out. You might even want to call ahead of time to the hotel you will be staying at to see what types of net connections (and fees) they provide.

2.1.2 Some hotels provide full High Speed or Broadband Access for a current fee about $12.95 per day (usually unlimited time). There could be the cheaper route if you plan to stay for awhile, see if they have a discount for multiple days. If the room (or hotel property wide) features a wireless connection the "connection" may be a bit more involved but can be well worth it for the freedom of access. As a Security Precaution; while using a laptop in public areas never (or severely limit) keying in of personal or financial data. Both electronic means and old fashion shoulder surfing can mean the loss of identity, funds or both.

Bring a long ethernet (cat 5 or cat 6) cable and / or a wireless card with your computer. If buying a wireless product try to get a type G device. At a minimum you want wireless B.

Many hotels have trained someone at the Help Desk to guide you with the internet set-up. Don't be afraid to ask them to take you through it step-by-step. Some provide a laminated instruction card next to the phone. If you find this daunting, still ask for help.

2.1.3 Even is you have Internet Cable or DSL hook-up at home, your ISP will generally have a dial-up option to login to while away from your home or office connections. Sometimes these dial-up options for Cable or DSL users are limited to 20 hours or so of "free" usage, then they charge by the hour. Know what this is to manage your fees.

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