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Travel Tips

Connecting to ACVA Online While Away From Home or Office

BEFORE YOU TAKE OFF... it is important to notify the ACVA office and your instructor that you will be on the road or you will be away from your normal workstation, for any reason, over time. (If you suddenly disappear, we DO get worried about you!).

Before you even sign up for a 3 week class, you need to look ahead to see if you will really be able to participate fully in your class due to your travel or time away requirements. The participation and interaction you provide are important to your class. Also, if you get behind, it is difficult to catch up. Talk this over with the ACVA office.

Usually "if there is a will there is a way" to connect to the Internet. Be aware as well, that Internet Services for travelers can be more expensive and more involved than you might expect, so look into these charges and connection processes ahead of time, so you are prepared (or not) to pay for and connect with them.

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