February 13, 2010 – 3pm PST / 12pm EST

February 13, 2010 – 3pm PST / 12pm EST

Christina Collins

“Compatibility” 90 minutes – Matching two or more charts for potentially harmonious connections (or disconnects) between two or more individuals. Christina will illustrate the concepts of compatibility in:

Love / Marriage relationships
Family relationships
Business relationships

Initially, we identity and investigate each person’s natal horoscope regarding their individual tendencies and how they personally relate regarding relationship(s). Then, we compare the horoscopes to evaluate if it is a Love connection, a Marriage connection (or both). For business the parameters are similar, yet more emphasis on the houses of business, and the Kuta Agreements focus on wealth of assets and property rather than on growth of family or children. The Navamsa is considered in both, while in Marriage we work with the Saptamsa (children) and in Business comparing, we work more with the Dashamsa – the 7th and 10th harmonic charts.