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ACVA Level I Glossary

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adhamaThe lowest or bad, used in combination with other words, such as naradhama which means 'the lowest of persons', or nara.
adhimasThese are lunar leap months which occur every once in a while in order to adjust the lunar calendar. These leap months have names such as Purushottam Adhimas. They are found interjected into the regular lunar months on Indian calendars knwon as "panchangas".
adhimitra'original friend'.Refers to the natural friendly relationships of planets (not based on their temporary positions in a chart). For example, Jupiter and Mars are naturally friends and are therefore called adhimitras.
adi'the beginning' or 'original'.It is used in conjunction with many other words, such as 'adi purusha' which means the 'original lord'.
adi purusha'original lord'.
adipati'original lord'. In astrology it refers to the owner of a sign. Sample usage: karma-dharma-adi-pati-yoga.
afflictedA planet that is aspected by or is associated with malefics.
afflictionAdverse aspects between planets or between a planet and a cusp (house) Planets getting debilitated or conjoined with evils are also said to be afflicted.
agni 'fire'.Agnideva, the god of fire is one of the most primeval demigods in creation and is referred to throughout the Vedic scriptures. He is the lord over certain nakshatras and shastiamshas.
airyGemini, Libra and Aquarius.
akashThis refers to space or ether; a mystical element difficult to describe in material terms. Often it is said that revelation comes to us through the akash.
akshavedamshaLiterally meaning forty-five parts, it refers to the forty-five part varga or divisional chart. This chart is used for fine tuning general indications and studying the morals and ethics of the subject. Best results will be obtained from having exact time of event.

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