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ACVA Level I Glossary

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Vedicof the veda, veda means knowledge. Vedic refers to things that come from the original knowledge of the vedic scriptures of ancient India, revealed by God through sages.

Hear Vedic Pronounced
vimshopakLiterally means 20 points. Refers to a process of judging the strengths of planets within a chart by mathematically adding up their various positions throughout the varga charts of a particular person’s chart. This is yet another way of judging the strengths of the planets. This process is rarely used by practicing modern astrologers though it is included in most computer programs and described in a number of the classics.
vimshottariLiterally means 120. Refers to the dasha system which covers a 120 year span. This is the main dasha system used in vedic astrology.
vimshsamshaLiterally meaning twenty parts, it refers to the twenty part varga or divisional chart. Used for gaining insight into the religious development of the subject.
vrischikaRefers to the scorpion and the eighth sign of the zodiac known as Scorpio.
vrishabhaRefers to the second sign of the zodiac, or Taurus the bull who is the symbol of the sign.

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