What our Learners Say about ACVA

“I wish to take the opportunity to thank my tutors and companion students for a very informative and enjoyable year. We happened to come from very different parts of the world and very different walks of life, so each of us made useful and complementary contributions. Of course, this was facilitated by the unique format of the course, which has been well thought out and offers value for money.” –J. Hartwig, Milano, Italy

“I will surely miss the course and I enjoyed this year tremendously.
I am assured that I have made the right decision study Jyotish. This year has taught me a lot, on all levels of my being.  I am grateful to have been a part of such a dynamic team of students.
Thank you for all your valuable interactions and input. I hope we meet again in Level II!
Thanks to all our instructors for their guiding light and patience!” –B.B. Egypt

“I am very impressed with this program. It’s well-thought out and organized. The modules are simple and short, yet contain all the needed info. The instructors were great, and everyone has been extremely helpful. I’ve had a lot of experience with institutions of education, and this is definitely the best I’ve had.“
– R. Busby, Seattle, WA

“Bravo to ACVA~ I am very impressed as well. So much so that I’m interested in returning for Level II at the right time.  All instructors were great and Nancy you are the tops. In  appreciation, Om Shanti.“
– A. Stephenson, Quincy, CA

“It was an immense joy to be in close touch with so many amazing teachers over the course of 1 year.  Thank you all so much for such a wonderful experience that I will cherish forever.“
–A. Garg, San Diego, CA

“After signing up for a few webinars I have realized that current technology really enables a student abroad to learn online. I have decided to take my interest in Vedic astrology seriously and would like to sign up for the next online Vedic astrology course starting in March.“
–J. Hartwig, Milano, Italy