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Title of the ArticleName of the Author
ACVA Journal Winter 2003Multiple Authors
Interfacing with Vastu AstrologyB. Niranjan Babu
Transit Short-Cuts: A Practical Tool for Vedic AstrologersBepin Behari
A Character Study of Timothy McVeighMarguerite dar Boggia
Woman in a ComaMarguerite dar Boggia
Muhurta: An Introduction to Electional AstrologyChristina Collins
Systems and Divisions of Vedic AstrologyChristina Collins
Linda McCartney: The Time FactorNalinikanta Dasa
Light on LifeHart DeFouw and Robert Svoboda
Understanding Dasas and BhuktisRonnie Gale Dreyer
Understanding Dasas and BhuktisRonnie Gale Dreyer
Mental Astrological Calculations - Part 1Charles Drutman
Interview: Dennis Flaherty 
The Purpose and Goals of the American Council of Vedic AstrologyDennis Flaherty
Vedic Astrology, Karma and Right UnderstandingDennis Flaherty
Interview: Dr. David Frawley 
Planetry TypesDavid Frawley
Jaimini Clues to Spirituality in a ChartGary Gomes
Mars: Spiritual Energy of the Mighty MaleficGary Gomes
Another U.S. ChartRon Grimes
Paths of YogaDennis M. Harness, Ph.D.
The Twelfth House: Misery or MokshaDennis M. Harness, Ph.D.
Astrological Forecasts: 1999-2000 Edith Hathaway
Prashna AstrolgyTom Hople (Nalini)
Proposal for Vedic Software CertificationRichard Houck
Car AccidentsLinda Johnsen
Dr. Dinesh Sharma: Physician and AstrologerLinda Johnsen
Fateful VoyageLinda Johnsen
Who is Ganesha?Linda Johnsen
Interview: James Kelleher 
Muhurta and the Cohmbia Space Shuttle DisasterRobert A. Koch
Portrait of a Princess: Re-Opening the Diana File Robert A. Koch
Some Subtle Interpretations of Raja Yogas in Vedic AstrologyRobert A. Koch
The Dagger Behind the Cloak: Aristha Yogas in the Vedic HoroscopeRobert A. Koch
The Mysterious and Elusive Bill Clinton: Rogue, Raja, or Somewhere In Between?Robert A. Koch
Can Money Buy Happiness - Kala Sarpa YogaJoni Patry
The Fated Accident KennedyJoni Patry
The Power of DispositorsJoni Patry
Does Krishnamurti Padhdhati Rest On a Mistake?T.R. Raghunath, Ph.D.
Krishnamurti Padhdhati: A New System of Vedic AstrologyT.R. Raghunath, Ph.D.
Interpretation of Stationary Points in AstrologySeenu S. Reddi
Vedic Relationship Compatibility - Part 1George Roman
Did the Stars Portend Diana's Death?Mary Stevenson
Making Peace with SaturnRobert Svoboda
An Integrated Approach to East/West Chart InterpretationAlexander Thomas
Entering the Universe of Vedic AstrologyChakrapani Ullal
Magnificent SaturnChakrapani Ullal
Panchanga: Foundation for a Good MuhurtaErnst Wilhelm