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American College of Vedic Astrology

March 27th, 2009

Ayurvedic Astrology Healing Intensive
on the Beautiful Garden Island of Kauai
Lower Rates Are Good Through March 31st.

Only Two Rooms are Left at the Sam Bhavan Retreat Center.
Sam Bhavan Retreat CenterThis seven-day healing intensive program explores both Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda, helping the student cross-reference and use both disciplines together for healing and counseling purposes.

Because the program is integrated with daily yoga and meditation practices, participants will experience the richness of a yogic lifestyle and ayurvedic prepared meals, combined with profound knowledge of the Vedic sciences.
The Ayurvedic Astrology Healing Intensive will be held at the beautiful Sam Bhavan Kauai Retreat from May 24th through May 31st. Beginning and Intermediate / Advanced Learning Tracks will be offered.
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Tanmay Goswami, an ayurvedic doctor and jyotishi from Kerala, India will be joining the retreat faculty.

Dr. Goswami will be speaking on Ayurvedic Treatment Methods and Advanced Ayurvedic Astrology. His web site is www.AyurvedaGenesis.com.

We wish to thank Jeff Lindner of Tri Health Ayurveda for making it possible for Dr. Goswami to join us in Kauai and hosting this special healing retreat at his beautiful Sam Bhavan Retreat Center. The Tri Health Ayurveda site www.trihealthayurveda.com.
Sam Bhavan Retreat Center Doorway to Courtyard
Invited Faculty: Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Tanmay Goswami, Chakrapani Ullal,
Yogini Shambhavi, Christina Collins, Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D., Ruth Hartung,
Edith Hathaway, Vaughn Paul Manley, M.A., Susie Patterson, M.A., Avani Sukhadi,
Komilla Sutton,

Sam Bhavan Praise
By Charlotte Benson, ACVA Executive Director

Sam Bhavan Retreat CenterWell, we went there, stepping into the unknown to check out your brand new retreat center prior to the Kauai retreat in May 09 and in a word Fantastic!

Your ACVA advance team found ourselves delighted and extremely impressed by what we experienced at the Sam Bhavan Retreat Center on the cosmic island of Kauai in February.

Everyone could feel it. -- the land, the people, and the building itself are just suffused with a sort of magical energy.
First of all, the vast Sam Bhavan estate grounds are surrounded by tropical jungle and bamboo forest. A long driveway lined with 150-year-old Cook Island pines leads to a most amazing modern/ancient structure.
We entered through an antique doorway into the most surprising open courtyard, enclosed on all sides by enormous rooms with fabulous teak and stone floors, and filled with antique Indian furniture. The upper floor consists of nine bedrooms, with the heavenly marble baths, and gorgeous, comfortable preserved antique furnishings. A breeze flows through the open courtyard, distributing the cleanest, oxygen and prana-imbued air to every room in Sam Bhavan. All hotels should have this kind of atmosphere! Check it out!Sam Bhavan Retreat Center Modern Kitchen
We can hardly wait to go back in May and we hope you will take the opportunity to give yourself a break from your busy and hectic lives to join us in what truly is Paradise.

Charlotte Benson

Kauai Hindu Monastery

SBOn Wednesday, May 27th We will be visiting the Kauai Hindu Monastery.

Located on 353 acres, this sanctuary is a theological seminary, publishing center, home of Iraivan Siva temple, and a destination for Hindus who come on pilgrimage from around the world. It is a traditional Saivite Hindu monastery-temple complex on Hawaii's Garden Island, dedicated to the divine within everyone and all things.
Web Site: https://www.himalayanacademy.com/ssc/hawaii/

The Seven-Day Healing Retreat will be followed on June 1st by an Inner Tantric Yoga Workshop. This special all day healing intensive workshop will feature Dr. David Frawley and Shambhavi Chopra.

Prices Good Until March 31, 2009

Retreat Online Sign-up: - Select By Services and Price
All Classes, Lodging, Breakfast and Lunch* - Per Person (Double Occupancy) $1,495

All Classes, Lodging, Breakfast and Lunch* - Single - Private Room $1,995

Classes only - Single or Local resident or staying off-site $995 - no food.

Breakfasts and Lunches for seven days* Single/Local resident - staying off-site $350

* Breakfast and Lunch are Ayurvedic vegetarian. - Prices Good Until March 31, 2009

Inner Tantric Yoga Workshop Online Sign-up: Registration - $95.00

Speakers and Program Topics are subject to change without prior notice.

Information: information@acvaonline.org or by phone 928.592.4633 10am-3pm MST


Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D., President
American College of Vedic Astrology, Inc.

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