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Pisces New Moon Annual (Varsha) Chart

March 26 2009

By Christina Collins

Pisces New MoonEvery year astrologers calculate a chart for the exact time the new moon occurs in the sidereal sun sign of Pisces. (Conjunction of Sun and Moon) This annual (Varsha) chart is calculated for the capital of each country. Even though the USA chart was born in Philadelphia, PA, we calculate the New Moon chart each year for Washington DC, the seat of the USA's government. (The most popular USA chart in use among Vedic astrologers is based upon the research of James Kelleher).

The annual chart for the moment that the new moon occurs is used as a “transit,” chart superimposed over a country’s chart to make mundane predictions. Debate exists on which is the actual USA chart. The tradition is to erect a horoscope for the Capital of a country, and to read or observe the new moon in Pisces sidereal sun chart as the Varsha or annual chart of a country. Traditionally astrologers use Washington DC for the USA as the location for erecting the new moon chart.

Today’s writing has me thinking that I might research using Philadelphia, PA as the new moon chart location, as the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. There are great debates as to which is the correct day, let alone the correct time to use. I personally use the Kelleher chart, as I respect him both as an astrologer and as a researcher. I find transit events accurate with this chart as well. If you are reading this and you don’t reside in the USA – calculate the exact time the moon and Sun are first in the same degree as each other, using the latitude and longitude of your country’s Capital.

This year, 2009, the USA chart’s Ascendant is Gemini, who is the 7th house of partnership in the USA Sagittarius rising chart. Some of the things I find concerning are that the Ascendant (Lagna) is in the Nakshatra of Rahu ruled Ardra, (not a very positive constellation) -- A good book, The Nakshatras by Dennis Harness – will tell you more about Ardra.

The lord (Jupiter) of the 7th and 10th is debilitated in Capricorn (weakest sign for Jupiter) and conjunct Rahu, and the lord of the 1st and 4th (Mercury) is also Neecha (though cancelled in Neecha Banga Raja Yoga – see below) the annual chart is running Saturn/Mars Dasa and Bhukti and the USA chart is running the Bhukti of Rahu (under Mars). All malefic, though Saturn by sign is not great, at least it is a good planet for a Gemini rising chart, and exalted in the Navamsha. (Ruler of a trine Aquarius)

However, at 13’55 Gemini, the degree falls between the Jupiter and Venus in Gemini in the USA Chart (ruler of 1 and 4) (Vimshottari Dasas used in each chart are 365.24 unless stated otherwise.) Luckily the planetary ruler of this chart, Mercury is in a strong angle with it’s debilitation temporarily cancelled in that Neecha Banga Raja Yoga by both being in an angle from the ascendant and from the moon, but also by being aspected by an exalted planet -- Venus. Also, Mercury is exalted in the Navamsha in Virgo. That is four ways cancelled! Even though Venus is Retrograde and not as benefic as when direct in its sign of exaltation, Venus is the best friend of Mercury and ruler of the 5th (house of investments) in this annual chart – so as Venus becomes direct – the things that Venus rules (money, love, fertility) will begin to improve.

I think the close degree “hits,” are important to note. Ardra Ascendant (ruled by Rahu, at 13’55, with VeRx in the 10th Kendra at 13’59 Pisces, and nodes are 13’40 in 2nd and 8th. Money houses. The 2nd is money earned by self effort and the 8th is the money that comes from sources other than self.

  • The dasa running with 360 degree dasas will be: Saturn/Mars/Mars/Saturn/Jupiter

  • And Mars is aspecting Saturn, and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all aspect the 12th house. Yikes! Twelfth is the house of loss.

  • I also find it interesting that there is a reversal of the nodes (Rahu and Ketu) within 3 degrees with the USA chart. My experience when this transit happens to individuals is that an opportunity for a “new beginning,” often arises – granting another chance to do something that you always wanted to do.

  • In the case of compatibility though – difficulties arise. As Rahu and Ketu represent karmas (the law of action – what goes out, returns) and as Rahu represents what an individual has come in to “learn,” and Ketu, “what helps you learn, or what enlightens you,” it can be difficult between people, when what one has come in to learn is already handled by the other and visa versa. So, for the USA we will have new beginnings along with karmic repercussion.

We all know the 9th house, as the house of dharma or life purpose. The Varsha Saturn ruled ninth house, Aquarius, holds Mars (the Dasa Bhukti sub period planet) and Saturn is opposite in its enemy sign of Leo. Saturn is the Maha Dasa Lord as well. We see Saturn/Mars dasa running for the entire year. Now this sounds a bit dismal (those planets are big enemies) – but look at the D9 (Navamsha chart). The career of the annual chart belongs to Jupiter and Jupiter is in Leo in an angle (a good friend of Mars) in the sign of government and authority. This Leo house has its ruler, the Sun in Libra whose debilitation is cancelled by the conjunction of an exalted Saturn. This I believe is very hopeful for the subtle aspects of this year’s productiveness, even though the ruler of this Jupiter (Navamsha Sun in Libra is barely saved from debilitation by the exalted Navamsha Saturn).

Note: one technique to determine dharma or life purpose or to determine the career takes the planet(s) that rules the 10th house from the rising, the 10th house from the Moon, and the 10th house from the Sun, then take those planets and locate the SIGN (sign more important than house in this case) where they reside in the Navamsha.

In the 2009 annual chart Jupiter rules Pisces the 10th from lagna, Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the 10th from Moon, and the 10th from Sun. So, Jupiter is powerful indeed as the only indicator planet for this charts purpose – and fortunately placed in friendly sign (though Maraka lord and planet in the Navamsha). Here’s the rub. In ashtakavarga, there are only 19 points in the 9th house in the annual chart. We like to see at least 25 to 27 for strength. Not to mention that the dharma lord Jupiter is debilitated with Rahu in Capricorn. That’s the “down,” -- here’s the “up,” The Capricorn house has 36 (count them) points in Ashtakavarga and its lord, Saturn is exalted in the Navamsha.

The USA chart has 21 (low) points in Gemini, and the Annual chart has 28 (average to improving). So it will be a year of now we’re up, now we’re down.

Pisces New Moon Annual Washington DC Chart

isces New Moon Annual Philadelphia PA Chart

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