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American College of Vedic Astrology April Newsletter

Gary Gomes Interview by Charlotte BensonInside This Issue

New Moon

Charlotte: Thanks for taking the time to chat a bit. How did you get started in Astrology?

Gary: I started around 1989-1990, relatively late. I’d just gone through a divorce, and both of my parents had passed away. I was one of those people who felt like he was totally in control of his life. So, I have an M.B.A. – people who have an M.B.A. usually tend not to go after astrology. But I was always kind of interested in Astrology, but never pursued it. I couldn’t get Western astrology to work all that well for me. In retrospect, I understood what I was doing wrong, but I never felt a strong enough connection to Astrology to study it. So, around 1989 I got initiated into Transcendental Meditation. I was always interested in esoteric things; I learned numerology right out of college; I had a tarot deck in college, and stuff like that.

Within a month of learning TM, TM started sending Jyotishis around to the various centers. So, I thought: I may as well get a reading to see if I’m going to get back into law school. When I had the reading done, for some bizarre reason, everything just clicked! It was the first accurate description I had heard of myself, in an Astrology reading. I have certain combinations in my chart which are pretty distinct. For instance, the first thing the astrologer told me was that this person would be interested in music and art – which was the core focus of my life since I was around 16 years old. Even though I went into other lines, I harbored thoughts about becoming a musician. So – long story short – I went to my friend, and said: If it’s possible to learn this, I want to learn this. I learned through the TM courses.

CB: Yes, I remember those courses from the early ‘90’s.

GG: I stayed with them for only a short while, for the foundation course. From them, I got the key to open up the knowledge. >>> Read More
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Light Notes - Christina Collins
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ACVA Online Classes Information

The ACVA Online Program's first Webinar is almost here. Gary Gomes will be teaching our very first Webinar on April 18th.

April Webinar:

Gary Gomes
April 18, 2009
Noon, EST
"Systems of Sage Jaimini" 90 minutes - Gary will present an overview of various approaches to Jaimini and provide examples.

Read Gary's Interview to find why he says Jaimini helps with Vedic Astrology.

Gary Gomes Interview

Order the Pre-recorded Webinar from ACVA Store.

Webinars Earn 1˝ Hours ACVA Credit.
May Webinar:

Ronnie Dreyer,
May 16, 2009
Noon, EST
"Putting It All Together" 90 minutes - Ronnie will present step by step chart interpretation.

June Webinar:

Christina Collins,
June 13, 2009
Noon, EST
"Love and Passion, Money and Ambition – Venus and Mars" 90 minutes - Christina will present planetary influences of this time of year.

July Webinar:

Komilla Sutton,
July 18, 2009
Noon, EST
"Debilitation of the Planets" 90 minutes - Komilla will lecture on the current debilitation of 5 planets.

ACVA Online Registrar Nancy Dietz

ACVA provides ongoing Level I and Level II online courses in Vedic Astrology.

To register, for the July 8th course contact our registrar Nancy Dietz by email at nancydietz@acvaonline.org or by phone 928.592.4633.

Visit the ACVA website www.acvaonline.org for more information.

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Light Notes from Editor Christina Collins

Christina Collins

Astrological Planting
April to May (Aries Sun)

Saturday -- Saturn’s day – who rules the earth, soil, hard labor, and challenging effort and who strives to support good hearty, stable growth – renders success with crops -- ideally it is good to plant on a Saturday when the moon is also good.

Gardening and planting of fruit trees, flowers and ground vegetables gives greatest yield if done just as the moon is waxing (nearing full). Best to choose at least 5 houses or signs after New Moon – (this month Aries). So, far planting food and vegetables, with the Sun exalted in Aries, we move towards the Moon in Virgo/Hasta for not the only, but for best results -- it will be six houses from the exalted sun, and almost full.

Hasta -- Virgo moon gives good yield if you are planting medicinal remedies, or plants that will be used as teas and herbal medicines. Hasta’s symbol is the hand. Great for hand planting and gardening. This Nakshatra causes speedy growth as well. It is waxing (with the Aries sun, it approaches the state of being full in Libra. Normally, we begin with around house 4 or 5 from the Sun. This year, 2009, with an Aries sun, the fourth house, Cancer holds Ketu and the fifth house, Leo holds Saturn. Moon/Ketu breaks things up, and Moon/Saturn forms sadi sati.

• (note: Nakshatra, Lunar Mansion, Star, Birth Star, Star Lord, Asterism are for the most part synonymous.)

• Uttara Phalguni - Leo/Virgo moons also give good results in planting, but this year the Leo
moon will be too near Saturn, and with Saturn in Leo, a fire sign, this Nakshatra (ruled by the sun) receives affliction. (it will give sun dasa for initial planting, and Saturn will be in the sun's sign). Too much heat in planting burns crops up - it is good later after flowering begins.

Often there are years when we can plant in the Moveable (Cardinal) Moon sign of Cancer. However, in 2009 Cancer holds the transiting Ketu (North Node of the Moon) who acts like Mars - a bit too hot and erratic for stable planting. Next, the Leo Moon - in Uttara Phalguni would be okay if you live in cooler climates, but not as good this year as transiting Saturn still posits there till Fall. Also, Mars in Pisces is 8th from this Leo moon - along with enemy Venus (of Leo) - The expansion of Jupiter's influence improves that particular Moon in Leo, but Saturn not so much.

Now, if you want to plant trees, or till and plow the garden to get it ready for planting, it is better to used a fixed Nakshatra such as Rohini in Taurus. Rohini, like Hasta is ruled by the Moon, which is exalted in this star on Monday, the 27th of April 2009. Both stars, Rohini and Hasta give moon dasa for planting - and lunar energy is better for initial planting than solar. Also. Monday's are good for planting.

Having said that, in 2009 Saturn (the planet of restriction, and steady focus) influences both the Taurus and Virgo earth sign moons. Saturn throws its 10th aspect on the sign Taurus and Jupiter (the planet of expansion and healthy growth) also aspects by 5th aspect). Even though this is a recently new moon with the apparent path of the Sun in Aries and only 2nd from the sun instead of at least 4 or 5 signs away, it is considered an overall auspicious and spiritual time when both the Sun and Moon are exalted, and the Moon is receiving an aspect from both Saturn and Jupiter!
Spring Flowers

Once again take caution, as the Jupiter will be sandi at 29'00 Capricorn. Pay strict attention to your watering and high wind protection for this reason.

The Hasta Moon on May 5th is in sadi sati in the second house from Saturn. It is also influenced by its enemy Mars in Chandra Mangala yoga, and this is a Tuesday, Mars day. The nice thing, is that this year the Virgo Moon is aspected also, by Venus who will be exalted and no longer retrograde in Pisces. The upside is that May 5th falls on a Monday, the downside is that the Moon will be in the 8th from Jupiter. Venus and Mars will both be in Saturn's star, Uttara Bhadrapada, who is one of the best nakshatras as it is ruled and stabilized by Saturn.

Once again, we will see Jupiter become sandi at 00'30 Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn will each aspect three houses instead of one (Taurus when Jupiter was in Capricorn). Both aspect Leo and Capricorn by position and opposition, and now Saturn throws its third and Jupiter its 9th aspect on air sign Libra. So, we can fruitfully use the full Libra Moon for planting this year, and the best Nakshatras for this are Chitra and Swati which run May 5th and Thurs and Friday, May 7th and 8th respectively. Again, use caution with Chitra, as Mars from Pisces aspects the sign of Libra by its 8th aspect - increasing the need for due diligence with watering throughout the season.

If you live where there is still danger of frost for planting this early, then drop us a note at editor@acvaonline.org and we will provide mid May to mid June planting tips in next month's issue.

Kauai Hawaii Seven Day Healing Intensive

Inner Tantric Yoga: Working with Mantras, Yantras and Deities relative to Vedic Astrology

Dr. David Frawley Inner Tantric Yoga Workshop

On June 1st, 2009 Dr. David Frawley and Yogini Shambhavi will explore the inner yogic practices of Vedic astrology that relate largely to the greater Tantric tradition of mantra, yantra and Devata. They will examine how to connect with the planetary deities in an experiential manner, as part of the spiritual energies of the greater universe, as a means of both self-knowledge and of improving our karmas in life.

Such inner remedial measures are often superior to the use of gems in their effects and are much less expensive.

They can be more effective than elaborate external yajnas, but do require some teaching and some inner receptivity for their proper application. Their efficacy rests upon a certain attitude, a recognition of the Divine presence in nature and an ability to work with the sacred powers of life in a practical manner. Dr. Frawley and Shambhavi will show how to understand the signature energy of the planets and how to adjust these in our own actions, our environment and in our sadhana or Yoga practice. This will open up an entire new range of understanding of remedial measures in Vedic astrology.Yogini Shambhavi  Inner Tantric Yoga Workshop

Shambhavi will specially discuss the use of such mantra remedial measures and well as her experience with planetary deities and planetary temples in India, particularly those devoted to the planet Saturn.

Dr. David Frawley's Web Site: www.vedanet.com and Yogini Shambhavi's Web Site is www.shambhavi-yogini.com

Facility: Sam Bhavan Kauai Retreat

For More Information: Please Visit http://www.acvaonline.org/acva-events-2010 Or Call 928.592.4633

Book Before April 30th 2009 to save money!

Letters to the Editor by Christina Collins

To all of our wonderful Students and Readers,

Everyone involved with the ACVA-News is so thankful and happy that our readers are enjoying our contributions! We have had many emails and phone calls and each month we will select a couple of these submissions/requests to answer. Keep those emails coming!


To: editor@vedicastrology.org

From: Barbara Diaz in Puerto Rico

I am so grateful for this newsletter and hope to keep on receiving it. ACVA has done a great job and service in preparing this. Keep up the good work. This also keeps us all connected.

San Juan Puerto Rico

Dear Barbara,

We are so grateful for your appreciation. We all work very hard to keep you all up to date on the latest news and thought in vedic astrology. Emails like yours – all the way from Puerto Rico make it all worthwhile.

Thank you,

From the Editor – April 2009

Last month we predicted the increase in fires, disasters and increase in magnitude of earthquakes. (see March issue in archives for full article).

• Add Mars, (enemy of Saturn) who began his transit in Aquarius on March 7th ,and continues aspecting Saturn in Leo by opposition now, instead of 8th aspect, (and no longer in his exalted state in Capricorn,) and the distressing transits continue with Mars exactly aspecting Saturn on April 4 2009 at 22 degrees. Mars in an air sign and Saturn in a Fire Sign, with Saturn in Leo, with its ruler, the Sun in a Jupiter ruled sign and debilitated by position in Saturn’s sign. Click Here To Read The Complete Article

For those readers out there who write, we welcome your ideas and submissions. If you are alumni, or just want to help – the best way is to think of ACVA when you have a little extra that you would like to donate. Even a few dollars makes a difference in helping us stay together online!

Monthly Planetary Tips

Christina's April Tips!

The Sidereal Sun moves into its sign of Exaltation, Aries (USA on April 13th ) and will receive the influence of his ruler Mars posited in Aquarius in mutual aspect with the enemy of both Sun and Mars -- Saturn, still residing in Leo, for the first day. This year we will see a tricky and challenging Sun sign change. Read Complete April Tips

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines: Please contact the ACVA News Editor to have submissions considered for publication in upcoming ACVA eNewletters. editor@acvaonline.org

One of our current Requests: So, what began your story? Please submit your stories of 300 to 600 words of what led you to the study of Vedic Astrology.

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