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American College of Vedic Astrology July Newsletter

Komilla Sutton Interview by Charlotte BensonInside This Issue

Komilla Sutton

Charlotte: Thanks for taking time to talk with me, Komilla. To begin – please tell us about your background. How did you come to be a Jyotishi? Did you come from a family line of Astrologers?

Komilla: No. I wasn’t trying to become an astrologer. But my life was in a mess, and I wanted some answers. So, I visited an astrologer, to ask him why is this happening. I still remember him saying that it’s all about Saturn. And then, in a way, you know, the pressure was off me, because that explained “why?” And it really made sense – it was coming from a really high philosophical base. I wasn’t even thinking about becoming an astrologer. It was just a great subject, and helps you understand how to deal with life – it was like a life coaching tool, for me. I remember this was in November, 1977, when I started to get involved.

Charlotte: That must have been an interesting dasa sequence, for you at that time.

Komilla: Yes - it was Jupiter/Ketu. Ketu is, I think, the great indicator for Astrological knowledge. Because it's past life knowledge.

Charlotte: So – did you study with the same astrologer - or are you self-taught?

Komilla: I studied with him. I think of him as my guru, because he opened my eyes to Jyotish – although many teachers have come into my life. For many years I was studying, and looking at charts and my family’s charts, and studying books. Without really wanting to become an astrologer – I just wanted the Astrological knowledge.

Charlotte: And were you studying, during the same time that you were acting?

Komilla: I was, yes. At that time, I was in Mumbai, acting in films – I was there for 12 years. I think that has helped me, now, because of presentation, and how to work. That experience has helped me when I‘m lecturing.

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ACVA Online Classes Information

Our ACVA Online Program's July live Webinar is Saturday July 18th. Komilla will teach on the debilitation of the planets as five planets are debilitated at the same time during October & November 2009.

July Webinar:

Komilla Sutton,
July 18th 2009
Noon, EST

Buy the Pre-reocrded Webinar.

"Debilitation of the Planets" 90 minutes - Komilla will present Avasthas, States of Consciousness of the planets. Planets work on 4 levels of consciousness- waking, dreaming, sleeping and transcendental states. Understandging the Avasthas of planets give us a new look at the debilitation, and its connections to spiritual growth. Why debilitated planets may not be as negative as long as we understand how to use their energy in the right way. As we are experiencing the Debilitation of Jupiter in 2009 and then in October- November 2009, Sun, Mars, Venus will also be debilitated together with Jupiter, therefore understanding how to empower of debilitated planets will help us deal with these transits.

Komilla Sutton Interview
August Webinar:

Sat Siri Khalsa,
August 1, 2009
Noon, EST

"Significance of the Jaimini Sutras"

120 minutes

In this two-hour class Sat Siri Khalsa will explain what is the significance of the Jaimini Sutras and talk about the spiritual level of interpreting the chart from the viewpoint of the chara karakas, which illustrate the soul level of self and of those important beings whom we attract into our lives to play the roles of growing our character. Sat Siri also will illustrate the correct method for understanding rasi dristis and talk a bit about Jaimini's insightful methods for timing the events of life through rasi dasas. Even a two-hour brush with Jaimini is sure to open eyes to new depths in the work of Parasara.

For details and to:
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Online Feedback:

The ACVA Level I on-line course is exceptionally well-designed and delivered. As a student, I felt supported in every way and was confidently prepared to take the certification exam. For those who seek the Self as well as a way to help others on their path, this is time very well-spent. Mehtab, Austin Texas

ACVA Online Registrar Nancy Dietz

ACVA provides ongoing Level I and Level II online courses in Vedic Astrology.

To register, for the Sept. 16th course contact our registrar Nancy Dietz by email at nancydietz@acvaonline.org or by phone 928.592.4633.

Visit the ACVA website www.acvaonline.org for more information.

Light Notes from Editor Christina Collins

Multiple Births – Twins

Two types of astrological twins exist. One situation presents where another non related individual is born at the same time, in the same place on the same day.

The second obvious astrological twins occur when two or more in a multiple birth are born to the same family.

In the case of non related same time births – if the seconds of birth are known in each case, these individuals can and often will be very similar.

However, the DNA and genetics will not be the same, and the family of birth, along with all of its teaching and imprints will differ over time. Additionally when you read a horoscope, it is highly important to note the location and environment where the native was raised, and also the current locale of an individual.

For example, someone could have the chart of a great king with many raja yogas (combinations of planets when ruling both angles (1,4,7,10) and trines (1,5,9) that give greatness, raja means King, and yoga means union). In every case, the person rises in life, especially when these raja yogas are connected in some way to the ascendant of birth. Now, whether this person is world renowned or the leader of his small town (big fish in a little pond) depends upon the environment/location of birth and whether or not other aspects of the horoscope indicate a foreign life, or a life far away from home. Home here, meaning the place of birth.

So, people born the same day, with the same exact birth details, yet without a genetic connection will often become quite different the older they get, due to the malleable outside influences they each receive.

Now we come to genetic twins, especially identical twins who share the same DNA. Environment affects them as well, the older they get, and if one or both marry or have children, the more diverse is their individual expression.
It is said, that when you marry, you receive a second set of planets for your chart. One technique is to read them as conjunctions. The same is said of children, their planets also affect the charts of the parents, and the lives of the parents. For example, a child born with a chart of success and greatness will, in the dasa or timing periods of those planets forming the yogas of greatness, bring great prosperity to the family. Even if the child is still quite young. And, even if the parents charts only show the potential possibility of gains.

When you read this month’s Letters to the Editor, you will see an email that someone sent asking about the birth of a litter of puppies (multiple birth) and how would you read their charts? I am really grateful for her letter, as I am always searching for ideas to write about in Light Notes. (so keep your topic requests coming please).

Which brings us now to techniques for reading the charts of twins.

I have personally studied the horoscopes of many sets of twins and triplets. I find that frequently the sign Gemini is in play. Often the Sun is in Gemini. Similarly, the rising sign may be Gemini. Also, I find frequency in the Leo ascendant for twins. (the 11th house of older siblings is Gemini, and there is often one or more planets residing n Gemini.

One of the most interesting studies were fraternal twins. A girl was born just before midnight on September 13th with Gemini Rising, and her brother was born just after midnight with Cancer Rising on the 13th. They lived quite different lives, but the major slow moving planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu were the same from their mutual Cancer Moon. You see, from the ascendants one had a 2nd house Moon, the other a first house moon, yet from their Chandra lagnas they were both Cancer rising. It is very important to also read from the Moon chart at birth. They both are extremely talented in the arts, one on canvas, one with music.
Light Notes Twins

The most obvious technique in determining the difference between twins is to observe the Navamsa chart of each child. Almost always the 2nd born has a different Navamsa or 9th harmonic chart, either giving or taking away from the strength of the Birth chart.

Another technique is to observe the rising signs as applying to the physical self of each. For example, if they are both Gemini rising, their physical bodies will be similar. However, in terms of life experiences, you read the 2nd born from the 3rd house (the house of brothers and younger siblings) of the first born (the first born child’s younger sibling). With triplets, you read the 3rd house from the second born, and so forth.

As we all know, the 3rd house is an upachaya (houses 3, 6, 10 and 11). Upachaya houses are houses that improve over time. The third in particular will have some life challenges. The eighth house is the house of misery, chronic disease, kundalini and mystical transcendent experiences. The 3rd house is 8th as counted from the 8th house. Frequently, the health challenges will go to the second born (as the younger sibling of the first born). Often the first born will have a higher rise in life, with greater or more effortless success. A simpler way to state this, is that often, though not always as there are always mitigating factors in the entire horoscope, the difficult Karma goes to the 2nd born.

I would encourage everyone to take some charts of multiple birth and study them. A good source of known and accurate data can be found on www.astrodatabank.com


Letters to the Editor by Christina Collins

Namaste and Greetings from Puerto Rico!

Congratulations for all the wonderful work presented on ACVA News.

As a Jyotish student (currently on Level II online) and an animal lover /advocate I enjoy this month article on “Adopting a Pet using Jyotish”. Having the opportunity to understand our companions chart is a great gift we share with out adopted friends. I have found that nakshatra for Moon and Sun also give us an extra aid when looking at pet charts.

I have one question; what is the best way to read a litter of puppies chart?


Teresita Pagán
ACVA Certified Vedic Astrologer

To deny the influences of the stars is to deny the wisdom and providence of God….

Dear Teresita,

Using the Nakshatras when reading any chart makes a good point and how to read the charts of a litter of puppies is a really good question.It is done much like the reading of human multiples so go to Light Notes in the July issue to see some details on the way it is done. Read July Light Notes

Our ACVA live Webinars seem to be one of the favorite ways to get extra class credit – and also are reported to be a great way to connect with each other, and with a live teacher. They are similar to attending a class at a conference – you hear the teacher and see what the teacher has on their computer screen on your computer screen! Here are just a few of the letters we are receiving: As I was the presenter this month, on the birth and transition charts of the late Michael Jackson along with others we have recently lost, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Karl Maldan, I would like thank you each for your feedback and I am glad you enjoyed the webinar.

Dear Christina,

It was truly my pleasure to participate in your Webinar on Saturday.

Your presentation was well-organized, easy-to-understand and full of valuable information for me right now. Having just completed Level I in ACVAonline, I so appreciate seeing how the dasas and gochara work as timers in various areas of life along with the more static charts.

At the end of the class you asked us to comment on what we would like to see in future Webinars from ACVA; for me, more practice with dasas and gochara, along with Jaimini karakas (which you briefly mentioned);

also, 64th navamsha, 22nd drekkana all as timers in a chart. Also, prediction and remedies, in general.

Your timely choice of charts was wonderful. You used every minute to its fullest and I learned so much from you as a result. Your insight and wisdom is inspiring. Thank you very much!


Jeane Sandow

Hi Jeane and all -

I agree wholeheartedly. Excellent presentation and material, Christina. Looking forward to the next one.

With love, Charlotte

Speaking of the next webinars, they will be presented by Komilla Sutton on July 18th and Sat Siri Khalsa on August 1st - For details and to purchase the Webinar go to: Komilla Sutton on "Debilitation of the planets".

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Monthly Planetary Tips

Sun Ingress to Cancer for July 15 to August 16 2009

Every month, as the ACVA news observes the sidereal month’s changing of signs, we use the current location of the US Capital, Washington, DC.

As the sun moves into watery Cancer, at 00’ we will see it closely combust Mercury, who resides in Cancer at 2’43. Moon, the ruler of Cancer will be in the 10th angle from the Sun, in hot, fiery Aries in the Ketu ruled Nakshatra of Ashwini – giving a Ketu Vimshottari Dasa to begin the month. Mercury and the Moon rule the sub periods. Read Complete July Tips

Webinar Information

The ACVA Online July Webinar will be on July 18th at Noon EST.

Purchase the recorded webinar from July 18th with Komilla Sutton on "Debilitation of the planets" 90 minutes - Komilla will present Avasthas, States of Consciousness of the planets. Planets work on 4 levels of consciousness- waking, dreaming, sleeping and transcendental states. Understandging the Avasthas of planets give us a new look at the debilitation, and its connections to spiritual growth. Why debilitated planets may not be as negative as long as we understand how to use their energy in the right way. As we are experiencing the Debilitation of Jupiter in 2009 and then in October- November 2009, Sun, Mars, Venus will also be debilitated together with Jupiter, therefore understanding how to empower of debilitated planets will help us deal with these transits.

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