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ACVA News April 2009 March Tips Follow-up

By Christina Collins

From the Editor – April 2009

Last month we predicted the increase in fires, disasters and increase in magnitude of earthquakes. (see March issue in archives for full article).
  • Add Mars, (enemy of Saturn) who began his transit in Aquarius on March 7th ,and continues aspecting Saturn in Leo by opposition now, instead of 8th aspect, (and no longer in his exalted state in Capricorn,) and the distressing transits continue with Mars exactly aspecting Saturn on April 4 2009 at 22 degrees. Mars in an air sign and Saturn in a Fire Sign, with Saturn in Leo, with its ruler, the Sun in a Jupiter ruled sign and debilitated by position in Saturn’s sign. To add fuel to this “fire,” the Dasas as this first begins is Mars! We are going to continue to see fires, lots of fires. Air disasters. And, with Mars now throwing its 8th aspect on Virgo – an earth sign – we will begin to see and increase in the number and magnitude of earthquakes.
April 6th – Mercury moves to Aries (Mars and Mercury are enemies.)

The chart below illustrates the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Central Italy.
  • 150 dead,
  • 10 thousand buildings down,
  • 50K without shelter.
  • in Navamsha, Mercury sandi debilitated at 28’45, vargottoma in Pisces in 2nd house, a maraka though Neecha Banga by 10th angle from moon. And Venus db in Virgo, Neecha Banga by Retrogradation
  • And for those of you that follow trans saturian planets,
  • Uranus sandi at 29'57 12th from sandi Mercury at 28'45 Pisces
  • Sadi Sati of Moon in 7th in Rasi, and 7th lord Sun in 12th in Navamsa.
  • Also note, all of the planets between Rahu (and Rahu on the ascendant) and Ketu (and Ketu in 7th house of the public – except for the Moon and Saturn who reside in house eight.
  • Vimshottari Dasa is Ketu/Rahu/Mars and Rahu/Mars conjunct in the Navamsa and Navamsa yogkaraka Venus is Retrograde in Virgo in the 8th.
April Prediction Follow-up to March ACVA News Tips

Christina Collins Biography:

Christina CollinsChristina Collins, Jyotish Kovid, Jyotish Vachaspati is a 3rd generation astrologer specializing in the Vedic system. She received her honorary titles from the late Dr. B.V. Raman, former President of the ICAS (Indian Center for Astrological Sciences) in New Delhi and Bangalore, India. She is the first and sole American woman to be honored by this highly held title of Jyotish Vachaspati (Jyotish – the light bearer and Vachaspati – the one who speaks the truth and whose predictions come true. (Vac = speech and Brihaspati is a name of Jupiter the planet of wisdom and truth. She serves as faculty and on the Board of Directors of the American College for Vedic Astrology (ACVA), as Editor of the ACVA News and is President of Celestial Resources (The Timing Coach) where she serves corporate and private clients from celebrities to students. You can reach her in Boulder CO:

Christina Collins, J.K., J.V.
The Timing Coach
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