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Jyotish: A Sacred Journey

By Angela Pennington / January's Student Editor

In Sanskrit the study of Jyotish is called Jyotir Vidya. Jyotir meaning Light and Vidya meaning Science. The "Science of Light" or "Goddess of Light". It is said that in order to fully understand Jyotish, the Jyotir Vidya must come for you and when she does, she'll consume you.

The Jyotir Vidya directs each student to their Guru or source of learning. We may interpret her touch as a "shazam" or enlightened moment or a deep stirring within, guiding us to seek out the knowledge of the Veda's. However the approach, the Jyotir Vida, our cosmic teacher, is sure to work within the hearts and minds of her students.

As my fellow students and I embarked on this journey, the manifestion of the Jyotir Vidya's "light" was unique to each of us. In my case, statues, pictures and books started coming to me first. One by one; The Bhagavad Gita, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati! I have had many private and personal experiences involving perception of beautiful, incredible eyes observing me. Now, two years into my full time studies, these are regular occurrences, I know the Goddess of Light is always present, anticipating and making sure my needs are met.

Another unique experience with the Jyotir Vidya comes from Jeane Sandow, a vedic astrology student in California. She recently shared her experience with me and says, "In level one, I was studying the Nakshatra "Swati." As I was deep in research, the Jyotir Vidya "communicated" a description to me of what role Swati plays in my present life. Very exciting!"

The majority of students I recently spoke to could not remember the exact reason they picked up their first astrology book, they just knew they were always drawn to the subject. Many have studied western astrology, numerology or holistic healing and were introduced to Vedic astrology through Auyrvedic healing or a Jyotish astrologer.

Throughout the last two years of study, I've watched my Jyotish friends experience tremendous changes in their lives. Some were good, some challenging and all necessary. Long time relationships changed, people moved and personal development occurred. Each student is responsible for their own development and all of us to varying degrees incorporate the light of the Jyotir Vidya within us.

For those of us who have ventured to step onto this path, the joy continues to move us forward. Those who have walked before us left markers to help show us the way. As students, we rely on our teachers to help us understand the signs and symbols, show us where the path begins and keep us from straying too far into uncharted territory.

In this New Year, a suggestion would be to set aside some time, settle into a quiet peaceful place and give gratitude for the Jyotir Vidya, the Sages, the Teachers and Mentors who have encouraged our studies and shared their knowledge with us.

Happy New Year!

Angela Pennington / January's Student Editor

Angela Pennington Biography:

Angela PenningtonAngela Pennington is a full time student of Jyotish and lives in the Seattle area. She has completed the ACVA Level I course and is completing ACVA Level II towards her certification.

Throughout her career, Angela has owned three small businessís in import/export, computers, and metaphysics. She is a Tarot Reader and popular teacher in Goddess studies.

Angela is our first Student Editor for the ACVA News and is a member of CVA ( Council Vedic Astrology )

Angela Pennington Contact Information:

Angela Pennington
(206) 412-7837

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