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Guess the Faculty Member

July 2010 ACVA Online News

By Angela Pennington

Early in life, this faculty member had many spiritual and healing gifts and was blessed with the guidance of strong and loving parents who introduced first guru, Indian saint Paramahansa Yogananda. This began a lifelong pursuit of spiritual knowledge leading to eventual fulfillment of life purpose and meaning.

Studies in Western Astrology began by age fourteen, and while attending Antioch College and Naropa University, continued to study and practice astrology as well as Eastern philosophy and yoga. In 1977, graduated nursing school and worked in a variety of hospital settings, including maternity, operating room and psychiatric care.

After marriage, and in order to enhance balance and harmony in the home, our faculty member studied psychic and spiritual development and metaphysical healing, including; Polarity Therapy, Rebirthing (Conscious Breath Therapy) and MariEL-Reiki healing.

In 1996, began studies in Jyotish. In September 2007, completed a Level II Certification at ACVA Online.

Today this instructor lives in Hawaii on the Big Island. In addition to teaching, works as a private astrological tutor, consultant and researcher.

Can you guess who this faculty member is?


Juliana Swanson

If you guessed Juliana Swanson you are correct!

Check out Juliana’s website for up to date information on classes and services:

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