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ACVA Online July 2010
President's Letter

By ACVA Online President William Levacy

William LevacyDo you know why the Summer Solstice is the day that Astrologers speak the most? (It might be because June 21 is the longest day of the year!!).

Influences of the seasons and astrology are found in Vedic culture as well as almost every religion across time and space. The ancient astronomers have blended their knowledge of the Sun and the stars into seasonal celebrations. The Summer Solstice marks the point where the Sun has gone the furthest on its yearly journey to the North, deep into the land of the Devas. Now the Sun slows down for a few days, even appearing to stop (“sol stice” or Sun slowing), and turns (Greek “tropos” for tropical) around to start its new yearly journey to the South. Northern cultures all around the world celebrate the warm days of summer and bask in the rays of anticipated success and prosperity.

As the Sun begins to pause and suspend time a bit as it turns, the ACVA Online team also wants to pause and celebrate the new Summer energies as well. It has been a year since ACVA reorganized and turned its vision into the sunny world of online learning. Since that time, thanks to all of you, ACVA has celebrated the increased expansion of Vedic knowledge for learners around the globe. We are also celebrating our year’s journey by just now releasing the new ACVA Online Level 1 Certification exam. Now everyone can have more time to enjoy this summer with their friends and families. No long trips and expensive stays to complete your ACVA Online Certification. Our learners will soon be proudly placing their new ACVA Online Certificates in an auspicious place within their homes and offices across the globe - as the Sun leads us into a new season full of bright possibilities and new treasures of experience in Vedic knowledge at ACVA Online. Tell your friends and families to join us in the year(s) to come!

Bill Levacy
American College of Vedic Astrology Online

More Information on the ACVA Online Level I Certification Exam

William R. Levacy Biography:

William R. Levacy holds a B.A. in literature and an M.A. in education; has been a practitioner of Vedic astrology (or Jyotish, as it’s called in India) since 1983; and is the Dean of Curriculum at the American College of Vedic Astrology (ACVA). Bill also received a master’s degree in the Science of Creative Intelligence in 1977 in Switzerland from Maharishi European Research University, where he concentrated his studies in Vedic Science. In 1996, he received the prestigious Jyotish Kovid award from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS). His two decades of experience as a business consultant in the aerospace industry contributes to the practical yet personal nature of his readings.

Contact information:

William R. Levacy
P.O. Box 88852
World Way Center
Los Angeles, CA 90009 USA
web site:
phone: 310-670-7593 fax: 310-670-7638

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