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Spring Equinox 2012 Presidents Letter

By William (Bill) Levacy

A Spring Note from the President of ACVA

Spring March 2012Spring is here again! A time to resurrect, revive, dust-off, and return to the light. We can all make good use of this time, halfway between winter and summer, halfway between light and dark. This is the time many Northern societies regard as the freshest, and most pleasant stage of a person’s life and times. Spring is also a good period to renew and rebalance our relationships, to dust off old encumbering feelings and let the light shine in. We want to
welcome the renewing vernal energy to help us navigate energetically and joyfully through the rest of the year.

We in ACVA have some exciting new educational possibilities to “spring” on our learners this year. We are also hoping to increase our scholarships to offer Vedic astrology education to underserved areas around the globe. We currently are providing opportunities for several international learners who would otherwise not be able to interact easily with instructors in their remote parts of the world. We invite all of you to “spring” forward and lend a hand however you can to make Vedic astrology education possible all around the world.

Have a great Spring time and enjoy a new you and a new everybody else!

Bill Levacy, President
American College of Vedic Astrology ™ (ACVA)

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