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ACVA News November 2009 Letters

November Letters to the Editor

By Christina Collins

Dear Juliana

Thank you, Juliana for a lovely presentation! I think it worked very nicely, from my muted perspective, to simply take-in your information, and let you unroll the information according to your screen shots. (Without our echo-y questions, etc.) Well organized, and visually useful graphics.

I also *loved* your comment that you like looking at round charts! Me too.

This is one of the benefits of "shruti" - hearing you in real time. It's almost heretical in the Vedic square world - but is *so* much easier to visualize - round charts.

It was tough for me to read the North Indian style chart you presented, though. One can turn a South Indian chart into a circle, using some imagination. That's how I manage.

Also , most important object lesson for me was to see the Hakini Mudra (loved it!) and to observe the prayers.

Thank you, Delightful Being of Light!

Your fan, Charlotte - [Julianna's webinar]

Dear Editor,

My mars is debilitated in Cancer (in the 1st degree...) and I am Scorpio rising. My moon is in the 1st degree of Libra. I was reading your article about debilitated mars and trying to figure out a remedy for mine. Is it advisable to wear a gemstone for Mars? Or will that aggravate it? How can I compensate for it?

Thanks alpita patel

Dear Alpita,

That is a very good question. It is very tricky when choosing a gemstone, and a good idea for a future article for the newsletter. Basically there are two schools of thought:
  • Feed a hungry tiger so it won’t eat you – wear the stones of malefics, or the weakest planets in a chart.

  • Wear the stone of benefics in a chart to enhance and make them stronger. Especially if benefics for the chart in question are weak in the chart.
Keep in mind, that the benefics, Jupiter, Moon, Venus and well associated Mercury can become “functional,” malefics by virtue of house Rulership.

The entire chart needs to be addressed along with the divisional charts. Ashtakavarga bindus should be observed, and the current transits and especially the current dasa. The location of Mars should be observed in all divisional charts.

I personally prefer to recommend the stones for the benefics. In most cases, although I wear gemstones myself, I prefer yhagas, the mantras, meditation and prayer for quick remedial action. I suggest you get a couple of opinions from astrologers in a gemstone consult. Because Mars is both 6th Lord from of your Lagna, and 2nd and 7th both Maraka Lords from your Moon, you need to really examine red coral as a choice.

Every chart is a snowflake, different from every other chart. A Navaratna might be right for you. Sit down and note whether you have been in any vehicular accidents, or medical accidents or surgeries. Then, check your dasas (I use 360 Vimshottari) , and see if you were running a Mars dasa period or experiencing a Mars transit that was negative, during any of these events.

If you and/or your astrologer decide to choose the red coral for Mars, I would experiment with different pieces of the stone. First muscle test (see a chiropractor or someone who knows how to test) the stone to see if you are strengthened or weakened. Second, put it under your pillow for 3 nights running and observe your dreams and their quality. If you are troubled, tossing, turning, experiencing nightmares. You might want to do a Navagraha puja (ceremony for the 9 planets) instead. Yours is complex, please consult an expert in gemstone propitiation. I also think that you do may not have a debilitated Mars. It is in an angle from the Moon. That is one of the cancellations of debilitation. Important. Examine the other planets as well.


Christina Collins - Editor

Om Namah Sivaya Christina

What is your source for this statement: When a debilitated (neecha) planet moves in retrograde motion, it temporarily cancels the debilitation of the planet. (neecha banga raja yoga)

Thank you


Dear, Kalika,

Neecha means debilitated. Bhanga means cancellation.

I find myself in addressing your question, knowing that retrograde motion cancels debilitation, but not remembering where the rule is stated, as I learned it so long ago. So, after checking my library, I would refer you to the book Three Hundred Important Combinations by the late Dr. B. V. Raman.

I knew and used the rule before reading the book or meeting Dr. Raman, so I know it is from scripture that I have studied, I just can’t remember which one in this moment. But at least I have found a good authoritative source for you to explore. It is actually one of my favorite books. It has some good information on Kala Sarpa Yogas as well.

Retrograde motion indicates the apparent connection to the prior sign where the planet is not debilitated. There are techniques in Jaimini where you read the aspects of planets that are retrograde not only from their retrograde position but also from the prior sign.

Additionally, I would add here, that there are many forms of cancellation and different levels of effect. For example, if they involve the Lagna, planets ruling or aspecting the Ascendant effects are more intense and profound. In a future issue, we plan a piece on Neecha Bhanga Raja Yogas – and the varied opinions about them.

Christina Collins - Editor

Editor Christina Collins, Jyotish Kovid, Jyotish Vachaspati

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