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Featured Jyotish Vaughn Paul Manley

By Angela Pennington

Vaughn Paul ManleyI have been practicing Vedic astrology professionally since 1992, and feel incredibly honored to work with this great science of Jyotish. Next year it will be 20 years and I can honestly say Iím still as hooked and fascinated by Jyotish as when I started. To say something that adds insight into a personís life is very rewarding. Also to write an article and do some small part to make a principle clear to students is also equally rewarding. So I can truly say I love my work!

Over the years Iíve tried to develop a website that provides some kind of service to the Jyotish community. I started by producing a few articles, a monthly
ephemeris, and a discussion board. Now after six years I've accumulated over 300 free articles and the discussion board has become huge with over 3,500 members. I've also put in a lot of effort to produce Jyotish Course Lessons that are easy to understand, yet detailed.

Iíve spent about 1Ĺ years traveling in India studying Jyotish, Yoga, and Sanskrit, which were the best experiences of my life. There I studied with several well-known astrologers such as my Jyotish guru, K.N. Rao, editor of the bi-monthly Journal of Astrology, and the late R. Santhanam, translator of the classic text, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. K.N. Raoís large astrology school in New Delhi, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, has particularly inspired me because of their original research on little used dasha systems and other areas of innovative research.

Regarding my background, I have a master's degree in counseling psychology and an elementary school teaching credential. While completing my master's degree in Santa Fe, New Mexico I tutored for three years with Vedic scholar Dr. David Frawley, former president of ACVA. In 1997, I was in the first batch of students who became certified with ACVA, and Iíve since been a presenter at several of ACVA's conferences. My articles have been published in The Mountain Astrologer, Journal of Astrology, Express Star Teller, CVA Journal, and Zento Magazine. Also, several of my articles and lessons have been translated into Japanese and Iíve been taught six weekend seminars in Tokyo, Japan since October 2004.

My website is I live on Maui, Hawaii with my wife and 3Ĺ year old son. Feel free to contact me anytime by phone or email. Also, the next time youíre vacationing in Hawaii Iíd be happy to visit! Hereís my contact page.

Namaste, Vaughn Paul Manley

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