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Coming Soon - Vedic Astrology Coaching

Vedic Astrology CoachingIn the first quarter of 2012, ACVA will be implementing an exciting new course of studies and certification on Vedic Astrology Coaching™. ACVA’s coaching model is all about creating a trusting and collaborative environment between the astrologer and the client.

It is a co-directed relationship that fosters personal development and improvement of the client’s performance on any level. ACVA’s breakthrough concept extends the traditional life coaching model into a new paradigm that looks at Both behavior and Vedic astrology timing to create new possibilities for the client.

Some of the key concepts of astrologer-client coaching relationship in the VAC™ model are:

  • the astrologer conducts a respectful conversation that focuses on the needs of the client being coached

  • a positive, uplifting, “we can find a way” style of relating that can be utilized across any culture

  • a focus on helping people achieve improved performance by looking at their problems in terms of solutions

  • interacting with a client in a way that stimulates their understanding about what needs to be accomplished, empowers them to take ownership and control of their own self-discovery, and leaves them feeling open and motivated to take more effective actions in time to release more of the potential that lies in their chart

  • Using the Vedic astrology chart, and its forecasting tools, to help the client understand how to take the most appropriate action at the appropriate time
ACVA has also designed a breakthrough diagnostic tool called the “Dharma Karma Chakra wheel,” a simple technique to determine where you have opportunities for personal improvement and how the Vedic Astrologer Coach™ can help you take action to step into a bright and more prosperous future.

Look for announcements of the launch of ACVA’s Vedic Astrology Coaching™ in early 2012

“SUPER FLEX” Your Vedic Astrology Knowledge

Have your heard that ACVA is adding a new Super-Flex program?
Super-Flex is an ACVA Level I comprehensive exam inclusive of all Vedic astrology schools and tutors. ACVA’s Super-Flex program offers learners who prefer to learn wherever they want, the flexibility to study on their own or to use a tutor of their choosing (ACVA or not) to prepare for the ACVA Level I exam.

A “Super-Flex Study Guide” is available in the ACVA store to provide you the terms and concepts that must be mastered to pass the exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will earn the designation of ACVA Level I Certified. There are no credit hours required to qualify to sit for the exam. You make private arrangements of your choosing for your course of study.

ACVA Flex Program

If you just want to learn the fundamentals of Vedic astrology, ACVA also offers a course of studies called the “ACVA Flex Program.”

This course of studies is also inclusive of all schools and tutors and allows the examinee to test-out of ACVA Level I Modules 1-4. Upon successful passage of the Flex exam, the examinees will be awarded an ACVA certificate in “Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology.”

If the learner wants to continue their studies, they can choose a school or tutor of their liking, or go forward with ACVA Level I Modules 5-10 to prepare to sit for the ACVA Level I exam. A “Flex Study Guide” is available in the ACVA store to provide you the terms and concepts that must be mastered to pass the exam.

To find out more contact the ACVA registrar at

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