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ACVA News December 2012 Mystery Chart

Use your skills as a Vedic astrologer to answer the question about this season’s mystery chart. The prize of a free download of an MP3 recording from the ACVA Store is awarded to the first correct answer emailed to Be sure to give the reasoning for your choice. With the advent of the internet we encourage you to try not to rely too much on your advanced google skills to seek your answer!

Chart Details: This person had a least two serious health events in life. Can you identify specifically what you think they were along with the reasons for your choice?

Mystery Chart Winner for Fall 2012

Question: This person has two vocations. One is flying Jet airliners as a hobby. Can you guess his other pursuit?

Congratulations to Jen Riddle who correctly identified the chart belonging to actor John Travolta. Jen will be receiving a coupon code to the ACVA Store to download an MP3 recording from ACVA’s vast library of lectures given by world famous Vedic astrology scholars and practitioners.

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