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Interview with Chakrapani Ullal

Part Two of Two

By Charlotte Benson
Interview on January 27, 2009

Continued – Part 2

Chakrapani UllalChakrapani Ullal, heralded as one of the foremost Vedic Astrologers in not only the United States, but around the world, and considered to be a teacher of teachers gives us a view of his personal journey.

As the founding Honorary Chairman of ACVA, he plays an active role in bringing together the Vedic and Western astrologers.

He took time out of his very busy life, to answer a few questions for us. I know you will all enjoy this Four Part Series as Chakrapani shares his wisdom!

Charlotte: Chakrapani-ji, you have formulated your own ideas about many classic principles of Jyotisha, including graha-yudhas, based on your own research. Do you have something that you would like to say about discoveries you have made, in your own practice?

Chakrapani: Yes! You know- astrology which is practiced in one culture, may not apply the same in another culture, verbatim. It doesn’t work – you have to apply the cultural influence. Now, how can it be different? If this planet is supposed to represent this idea. For example, if there is a chart in America where the husband and wife have a major misunderstanding, and the planets are not in harmony in their charts – they go for a divorce. But it may not be so in an Asian culture, or European cultures. Definitely not true in Japan, for instance. So then – how does the astrology differ? Astrology does not differ at all! The influence of the planet does exist! The psychology of the result does exist. But it may not manifest in legal terms.

Legal terms are decided by the cultural influences in the region, and the country in which it is practiced.

Culture can cover up the person’s psychology. And this principal applies to many areas. For example: in America if the education of the child in a chart is obstructed, and you can say there is an interruption in education, you will be invariably right. If you will apply the same principal in Japan, for example, you will be invariably wrong. Because Japanese parents make so much effort in preparing the child for learning, every day, at home. That interruption doesn’t exist, unless it is too serious.

Charlotte: That makes sense. Do you have an opinion about why Vedic astrology has become so popular in the United States in the past decade? Especially since we’re practicing an astrology that wasn’t originally intended, you might say, for our American culture.

Chakrapani: There could be many reasons, but the most important reason I see is that the people are expanding their consciousness, because of the times. And expansion of communication skills, and technology. And people are going into the outer world, and staying in the outer world. This is what is expanding consciousness of the people. And science is becoming closer to Truth.

Charlotte: How so?

Chakrapani: By predicting that the whole world is nothing but consciousness, and energy. Therefore it is creating a certain amount of sound, like Om. So it means that the whole world is interconnected. Therefore, that is why science has come closer to Truth, that has made the people believe in astrology, and therefore the practice of astrology is more accepted.

Charlotte: Ok – I like that idea. That is to be hoped. Chakrapani-ji, we are collectively going through such difficult times now, does Vedic astrology have any equivalent to the Mayan calender date in 2012? Are any of the major planets lining up in any way to support the dire predictions around 2012?

Chakrapani: You know, I have not taken that very seriously. I don’t believe there are any positions for dire consequences happening in the world. In fact – what is happening *today* are dire consequences. The financial world is upside down, people are losing their jobs, people are facing the most dire times.

But these are the ups and downs of cycles. If you look at the history of any country, there are periods like this. That is why I don’t make such a big thing about 2012 only.

Charlotte: This is exactly what you have been predicting in public lectures, for the past many years, based on the Dasa that the United States has been running. Is there a specific indicator coming any time soon which points to a major improvement in the American situation?

Chakrapani: I think that the problem currently is the Rahu bhukti in the Mars dasa. That Rahu is in the eighth sign from the rising sign of the country, therefore even from the transit angle, everything is going in an unfavorable state. I think that when Saturn moves into Virgo, things will begin to change. And it may take maybe two or three years before the major difficulty is gone away, and prosperity is beginning to return.

[editor’s note: you will find on - that there are 10 famous tropically calculated charts listed. You can convert them to sidereal Jyotish for fun and research. Many of us use the chart that vedic astrologer James Keller uses based upon his research in Washington DC. July 4, 1776, Philadelphia PA 6:30 pm.]

USA Chart

Charlotte: Ok – that’s encouraging. In the meantime, Chakrapani, is there something that you suggest to your clients to do when they’re in the middle of a crisis period, as so many people are these days? Something aside from the three pillars of evolution already mentioned?

Chakrapani: Yes. Most of the time, I suggest the remedy of chanting mantras.

Charlotte: So, you believe that mantras are the most effective remedies?

Chakrapani: Yes. Because when a mantra is chanted with devotion, it carries weight.

Charlotte: And you prescribe them based on supporting an afflicted planet?

Chakrapani: It is not just for the afflicted planet. It is general mantras also. It depends. The Gayatri mantra, the Maha Mitrunjaya mantra, the Thousand Names of Lord Vishnu, and the Thousand Names of the Divine Mother.

Charlotte: Ok – thank you - that’s very useful. What else do you think our readers would like to know?

Chakrapani: People who are interested in Vedic astrology, who really want to study - the most important thing to cultivate is devotion to the subject. They should think that astrology is divine, and that is has life, that it is alive. It is not just in books. It is alive. It is an energy. And you begin to love it, and adore it, and it will come to you. That’s Jyotir Vidya.

Charlotte: That should be very encouraging for our students. There’s a lot to learn, isn’t there?

Chakrapani: It is not learning – it is changing the whole concept of why you are learning. And that is why when you love something, you don’t get tired.

Charlotte: That’s so true! Here’s another random question: do you have an opinion as to why most of the students of astrology these days, are women? In India, of course, astrologers are almost exclusively men, but here it’s the women who are in love with astrology.

Chakrapani: Women are the torch-bearers of spirituality. And even though in my culture, many women are not practicing astrology, they are the torch-bearers by way of giving support to their husbands. And because of the culture, they are not really active, not because they are not the torch-bearers. In America it is freedom that has allowed women to practice astrology.

Charlotte: Sir, thank you so much for the time that you have donated to us for this interview. In closing, do you have any thoughts for the future?

Chakrapani: There is no future – there is only the present!

You can meet and study in person with Chakrapani on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii in May.
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This Second Installment Concludes the Chakrapani Ullal Interview.

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Charlotte BensonInterview by:

Charlotte Benson (Jyoti Devi)
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