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The Elements and Planets

by Angela Pennington

Angela Pennington ElementsDuring my first module at ACVA, I remember the instructors stressing the importance of taking time to memorize, and learn the basics. This was great advice. Over time, Iíve learned the fundamentals need to be more than keywords. They need to become part of us. In the beginning we memorize flash cards. In order to shift from intellectual understanding to pure knowledge itís important to contemplate and meditate the concepts and rules handed down throughout the ages. Personally, I have discovered all roads lead back to the elements. Below, please find the results of my contemplations regarding each element and how it relates to the signs and planets.


Ether is a medium that fills the spaces where nothing exists. Its not something we can reach out and touch, yet its all around us, we draw upon it to create. Scientists study ether in an effort to understand the movement of light, while spiritual people draw light through ether to connect with God. The Universe is infinite, therefor so is ether. Expansive, uniting, quiet and unquestioning. Lord Jupiter is ether. He is expansive, teaches us how to move our minds higher and create. Through him, we learn to value sacred sounds and words. We gain wisdom, look inward and develop an understanding of the universe within us. We learn to sit quietly, meditate and contemplate. We learn the connections between the cosmos and ourselves. We pass this information to our children. Jupiter is exalted in the deep waters of Cancer, the natural fourth house, providing a private space to go deep into ourselves. It seems fitting he is debilitated in the earth sign of Capricorn, the natural tenth house of the public and career. The moolatrikona sign is Sagittarius, an arrow of fire piercing the ether, opening the mind to ideas and communion with the divine. Jupiter rules the signs of Pisces and Sagittarius; water and fire, the source of creation.


Air is wind, our breath. Air is essential for us to be alive, and most of the time we are unaware we are even breathing! An unseen force, the wind provides the ability to speak and laugh. Proper oxygenation keeps our brain functional and allows us to make clear decisions. The wind moves in four directions and is the regulator of karma. If directed properly, we propel forward at a phenomenal rate of speed, the opposite if misdirected. Carrying messages, the wind determines the success or failure of our creation. Lord Saturn is wind, teaching us to take responsibility for ourselves and our families. He decides what we retain and release. The universal time keeper, and unsung hero, Saturn brings focus and truth. Through him, we access the foundational building blocks of our life. Saturn is exalted in Libra, the seventh house, putting us in touch with co-creators. He is debilitated in Aries, the house of self. The moolatrikona sign is Aquarius, anointing the work of Saturn with creativity and unselfishness. Saturn rules the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, bringing a solid physical foundation to oneís life.


Fire is our soulís urging, desire, passion, inspiration and motivation. Fire burns in a multitude of colors depending on the degree of heat. It warms and comforts in a controlled environment. Unconfined, causes mass destruction. Fire can kill or heal, create or destroy, love or hate. Each of these separated by a mere degree. This powerful force purifies through destruction while the charred remains provide the nutrient needed for resurrection. Lord Mars is fire, he takes action and makes things happen. He is not afraid of conflict, bravery is his strength. Mars will fight to the death for a just cause. He will turn a spark into a bon fire, a passion into a cause. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, the tenth house of success, action and achievement. He is debilitated in Cancer, the place of home and contentment. The moolatrikona sign is Aries, making him assertive and ambitious. Mars rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio. The qualities of Scorpio bring a strong intuitive nature to any endeavor Mars undertakes.


Water is a necessary element for the survival of all living things. We all emerge from water when we are born and when we complete this life return to the Great Sea. The tides are affected on a daily and monthly basis, determining the time for pro-creation and emotional development. Water is comforting and purifying. Itís reflective and will mirror surroundings. Deep and largely unexplored, patience and perseverance are required to journey inward. Disturbed, water creates paranoia, illusion and uncontrolled emotions. Lady Venus is water. She is changeable, transformational, sensual, represents movement, and holds keys to sacred knowledge. Through her, we appreciate beauty, fine things and friends. Sheís charming and knows how to build relationships. She loves openly and will teach through tough love. Venus is exalted in Pisces; where she prepares us for divine contact through ritual dance and music. She is debilitated in Virgo, a sign that dissipates her electric energy. The moolatrikona sign is Libra, empowering her to balance opposite polarities and create balance. Venus rules the signs of Taurus and Libra. The balancing act of Libra is stabilized by the fixed earth nature of Taurus.


Earth is the final manifestation of all elements combined. A physical reflection of our inner qualities. The results of our values and choices personally and collectively. Earth is a museum of our past. It purifies through putrefaction, moves and creates new landscapes. Deep inside, we find rare gems created by fire within its core. Self sustaining, action or non-action, will yield a result. Earth provides food and shelter for all living things. Lord Mercury is earth. He is our discerning intellect, humor and the way we verbally connect with others. He likes to communicate through numbers and letters. In this way, barriers to other people and places are removed. He analyzes, calculates, molds and shapes, creating the end result. Mercury is exalted in Virgo, where he can move and create comfortably. He is debilitated in Pisces, an unsteady place, where he lacks confidence and has trouble making choices. The moolatrikona sign is Virgo, a place of confidence and personal power. Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo. In Gemini, he is able to connect and create with others. In Virgo, Mercury calculates and brings the vision into reality.

The Sun and Moon are luminaries. Through the consciousness (fire) of the Sun and the perceptions and subconsciousness (water) of the Moon, all other planets express themselves.

I wish everyone a beautiful Solstice!

Angela Pennington

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