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Interview with Christina Collins

By Charlotte Benson
Interview on January 31, 2010

Our February 2010 webinar presenter, Christina Collins, will teach a webinar on Compatibility and the comparison of two or more charts for harmony in personal relationship or business partnership on February 13th, 2010.

Charlotte: Christina, what drew you to begin specializing in chart comparison studies?

Christina: Well, initially, my grandfather would have me compare the charts of my brothers and sister to help me understand a couple of different areas.

Charlotte: And what were those?

Christina: First of all to see why we get along … or why we didn’t get along. Secondly, to understand the situation that there are similar trends in planetary positions – or what we now call astrological signatures – between and among family members.

Charlotte: That sounds useful! Anything you care to share?

Christina: Well, I have two brothers and a sister, and all three of us have Venus in Libra and Mars in Sagittarius. So, we love the same or similar things, and we are passionate about what we believe in , and ambitious about our life passions and careers in a like manner.

Charlotte: Well, what do you love the same, since this interview is for the “love,” month of February with Valentine’s Day coming up!

Christina: We love animals, especially horses and dogs. And, we each have 2 to 4 dogs. The brother with a different Mars and Venus, has only one dog – although he has several hundred horses.

Charlotte: Where is his Mars and Venus? And what does he do with all of those horses? Breed them?

Christina: Yes, he does breed them, for racing. He races Quarter horses. His Mars, and Venus are in Aries.

Charlotte: That sounds about right. I’ve noticed an interesting connection between horse people, and the Ashwini nakshatra. I have Venus there, too, and have had a few adventures on horseback, back in the day. But, back to our conversation about Compatibility – I was delighted to find a chapter in Richard Houck’s compilation book Hindu Astrology Lessons which you wrote about Compatibility.

Christina: Well, I wrote the chapter on Compatibility in the book Hindu Astrology, published by the late editor Richard Houck. Originally I was supposed to write on another topic, but at the last minute they needed that topic and asked me if I would mind changing my article to one on chart compatibility.

Charlotte: what was the topic of the other article you wrote?

Christina: I also wrote a piece on Earth Changes and Disasters.

Charlotte: Speaking of disasters, I know that you have researched earthquakes and natural disasters for several decades. What is your opinion of the astrological trigger for the recent Haiti earthquake?

Christina: I wrote something for February Planetary Ingress about this and we can refer people to that for detail, but primarily it was the conjunction of Mercury with Rahu, along with Sun and Venus at the same degree in Sagittarius. I’m excited to write about it, as it is “hand to glove,“ representing my earthquake research!

Charlotte: Hand to glove?

Christina: Yes, a fit with the Nama Nakshatra or the 108 Name sounds of the nakshatras. The Ketu in the Gemini ascendant was the sound “HAY,” and the Saturn sound in Virgo, who threw its close by degree 10th aspect on that Ketu was the sound “PU.” Port au Prince, Haiti.

Charlotte: That is really fascinating. I’d love to know more about those ancient name associations with present day places. It seems like a fertile field for research. So – when you’re not working on earthquakes, do you counsel clients using Jyotish compatibility?

Christina: Yes, mostly in the summer, especially when we have the Gemini sun transit in place. Although more and more I am consulting with compatibility year round, as my clients live all over the globe!

Charlotte: And you have both business, and personal compatibility clients?

Christina: I have both. And additionally, lately, what I find really interesting, is that I seem to have a lot of people requesting consultations for compatibility between parents and their children, and what can they do to communicate better with their young children, to help them to grow up strong, or how to communicate, sometimes at all, with older children! It is all rewarding, and what I really love about astrology, especially Vedic Astrology, is that it is so diverse, and never becomes boring. I am truly grateful that I have a profession where I wake up every day excited about what it will bring.

Charlotte: And you are editor of the ACVA News, and we do appreciate your efforts there!

Christina: Well, Charlotte, I and everyone else appreciates your gracious volunteering of your services as well! Interviewing everyone, they translating and typing up the interviews – Thank YOU!

Charlotte: Thank you!

Charlotte: So tell us all about your new venture, the e magazine the Jyotish Star!

Christina: Yes, I’m really enjoying putting it all together! You can go to and add yourself to the email list to get it every month.

Charlotte: Will it be different from what you do with the ACVA News?

Christina: Yes, it will be somewhat the same, and also different. As the ACVA News is more and more, and rightly so, becoming a student publication, representing the students and faculty of the online college , only, and as it is becoming a quarterly newsletter beginning in April, and again in July and so forth – I wanted to encompass a greater arena in the Vedic community. You know, with Yoga and articles on Ayurveda and Vastu.

Also, I want to publish every month, and include the articles and venues of astrologers I know around the world. So where you used to see my Planetary Tips will become Planetary Ingress in the ACVA news, noting – when the planets change signs. The monthly delineation with be written for the Jyotish Star. Also, my editorials which published under Light Notes will become the Vedic View in the Jyotish Star. Its all very exciting. It’s a reaching out to other communities, and a joining together that I like.

Also, we now have Angela Pennington, our student editor, on board. She is a very good writer, and I think she will be a great student editor of the ACVA News -- although, this year, I will still assist as an advisor, once they have their issue all together. I am excited to see what the students, with their fresh eyes, will come up with!

Charlotte: Wow - big plans to pass the torch. I'm looking forward to reading all of it!

Christina: I'd call it holding the tourch together and keeping the flame alive.

Charlotte: Thanks for your time, Christina. We’ll see you on the webinar.

Christina Collins Biography:

Christina CollinsChristina Collins, Jyotish Kovid, Jyotish Vachaspati is a 3rd generation astrologer specializing in the Vedic system. She received her honorary titles from the late Dr. B.V. Raman, former President of the ICAS (Indian Center for Astrological Sciences) in New Delhi and Bangalore, India. She is the first and sole American woman to be honored by this highly held title of Jyotish Vachaspati (Jyotish - the light bearer and Vachaspati - the one who speaks the truth and whose predictions come true. (Vac = speech and Brihaspati is a name of Jupiter the planet of wisdom and truth. She serves as faculty and on the Board of Directors of the American College for Vedic Astrology (ACVA), as Editor of the ACVA News and is President of Celestial Resources (The Timing Coach) where she serves corporate and private clients from celebrities to students. You can reach her in Boulder CO:

Christina's consultation contact information:

Christina Collins, J.K., J.V.
Lafayette, (Boulder County) CO, USA
web site:
phone: 303-665-9996

Charlotte BensonInterview by:

Charlotte Benson (Jyoti Devi)
Diplomate: AFA, NCGR, ISAR
Executive Director, American College of Vedic Astrology, Inc.
President, Arizona Society of Astrologers, Inc.
602 952-1525
Phoenix, AZ USA.

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