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ACVA News January 2010 Light Notes

By Vachaspati Christina Collins

Happy New Year!

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As We Enter 2010 ...

Welcome to our new ACVA President William R. Levacy. The ACVA board, faculty and steering committees feel very lucky and grateful that Bill now serves as the leader and guide for the college.

In the midst of his busy schedule in aerospace, his full schedule as a brilliant consulting Jyotish astrologer (it can sometimes take weeks to get an appointment with him) and his current involvement in completing his PhD in online education – somehow he manages to also have the time to lead us with brilliance, insight and ever present humor. We welcome him, and we thank him for his service.

Maha Kumba Mela! – Jupiter now in Aquarius!

Jupiter now resides in Aquarius, finished with its sojourn in Capricorn, its sign of debilitation for another twelve years.

The Shrimad Bhagavantam retells the historical life of Krishna, often referred to as the Hindu "Bible". Within this text we find the story of Kumba Mela and its origins.

Four times a year in the year that Jupiter resides in Kumbha (Aquarius) we celebrate with a big Mela (festival). At the holy junctions of the spiritual rivers in India. This is the time when the waters become spiritually purified, and all who enter to bathe, receive the blessings of God.

For travel or “tuning in,” for the 2010 Kumba Mela main bathing days:

January 14, 15, 20, 30, February 12 to 13, March 15, 24, 30, April 14th and April 28th.

As the New Year and new decade of 2010 arrives, our thoughts naturally turn to time. Time as we experience it as human beings, is a mental construct that we embrace for a feeling of safety and being grounded. We are only seemingly solid. At the atomic and sub atomic levels all matter is perceived in movement. In a high meditative state, individuals are known to cognize this fact via direct experience, as they observe themselves, and all around them to be made up of transparent, rapidly moving bright light. With Ketu in the sign of Gemini and the New Year beginning with an eclipse, an experience of unboundedness and lack of focus can occur, and yet the 10th aspect of Saturn from Gemini will continually ground us, bringing us back to reality.

Time only exists as experience while incarnated in a physical form (with a developed, such as human consciousness). Localized time, or a “photograph,” of time is the first breath imprint that we call our chart, our nativity, our horoscope. Our roadmap or blueprint for the incarnated existence. A moment (map) frozen in time.

Truth is relative depending upon experience and the experiencer. Often I have been asked, “can we transcend our chart?” can we go beyond the challenges and the suffering predicted in the vision of possible experiences reflected in our birth charts? As we evolve with meditation and spiritual pursuits won’t we transcend the chart?

I have heard it said, that as we evolve we move more toward the Navamsa (or 9th harmonic) chart. I am unsure that I believe that premise myself. I have witnessed, most often in the charts of Saints or Spiritual Teachers that they do seem to have “transcended,” or gone beyond their charts. Often living long beyond the projected Ayurdaya (longevity, or life expectancy ), often times, not experiencing problems, accidents and even illnesses that should have befallen them, with their particular birth horoscope, in the current timeframe of their incarnation.

In these cases, I believe it to be divine intervention, earned through the tapas of the aspirant, where they are “held above,” their karma in order to fulfill not only their own personal destiny or karma but also the performance of a higher destiny or “calling,” as it were.

Importantly, when we think of our hopeful incarnated self divinities - in order for aspiration to be expressed in real solid hard core reality, the best plan is to be in the moment.

Be a good human being. A simple start.

Have that expression as the forethought above all other expression as we act in our current incarnations, for we are ever building the karmas in the present moment that will influence us in both this and future incarnations.


If you have questions or comments for Christina, you can email her at

Christina Collins Biography:

Christina CollinsChristina Collins, Jyotish Kovid, Jyotish Vachaspati is a 3rd generation astrologer specializing in the Vedic system. She received her honorary titles from the late Dr. B.V. Raman, former President of the ICAS (Indian Center for Astrological Sciences) in New Delhi and Bangalore, India. She is the first and sole American woman to be honored by this highly held title of Jyotish Vachaspati (Jyotish - the light bearer and Vachaspati - the one who speaks the truth and whose predictions come true. (Vac = speech and Brihaspati is a name of Jupiter the planet of wisdom and truth. She serves as faculty and on the Board of Directors of the American College for Vedic Astrology (ACVA), as Editor of the ACVA News and is President of Celestial Resources (The Timing Coach) where she serves corporate and private clients from celebrities to students. You can reach her in Boulder CO:

Christina's consultation contact information:

Christina Collins, J.K., J.V.
Lafayette, (Boulder County) CO, USA
web site:
phone: 303-665-9996

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