Grahas: The Nine Vedic Planets and their Characteristics


In this section you will be introduced to the first of the cornerstones of astrology: the planets. Developing the ability to assess planetary strength and qualities is the first step in Vedic chart interpretation. It is essential that you first learn the fundamentals of the planets, signs and houses, because all further techniques will be based on them.

Learning Objectives of this Module:

  1. Learn Sanskrit names and proper pronunciation of the Grahas (Planets)
  2. Understand and memorize Planetary Significations and Symbols
  3. Introduction to Planetary Deities
  4. Introduction to Planetary Elements and Modalities
  5. Understand Planetary Cabinet and other characteristics
  6. Learn the concept and use of Natural Benefic/Malefic Planets
  7. Introduction to the Quantity (Strength) and Quality (Auspiciousness) of Planetary Influence
  8. Understand the logic and use of Planetary Friendships
  9. Introduction to ways Planets can interact: Aspects
  10. Two Planet Combination Interpretations

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