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The VAC Program uses the combined tools of Vedic astrology and Life Coaching.

What is the VAC Program?

The American College of Vedic Astrology™ (ACVA)’s Vedic Astrology Coach™ (VAC) program is the practice of guiding individuals, in time, to their life goals and full potential using the combined tools and knowledge of Vedic astrology and Life Coaching. The VAC program carries the best practices of counseling, mentoring, time-phased goal-setting, problem-solving, and motivation into the traditional Vedic astrology astrologer-client relationship. The VAC ™ program is meant to help individuals understand their personal barriers and enablers for high performance in an organized, positive manner. This is done in partnership with the Vedic astrologer as the coach, using the tools of Vedic astrology to help the client to achieve the best outcomes possible in the optimum time available.










The Vedic Astrology Coach™ helps you understand your personal barriers and enablers for high performance in an organized, positive manner

The purpose of ACVA’s breakthrough Vedic Astrology Coaching™ (VAC) model is to provide practitioners of Vedic astrology with the counseling techniques, strategies, and approaches that are based on established instructional design as well as counseling and life coaching practices.

The emphasis on the development of the astrologer’s counseling skills and experience surpass technique use alone. The ACVA VAC model contains three major components for astrological counseling efficacy (i.e., astrological knowledge, how to deliver that knowledge, and the formation of a co-operative partnership with the client based on that knowledge). As such the VAC model provides major training opportunities for astrological counselors and coaches.

ACVA, and its core of professional educators, is filling a gap in Vedic astrology counselor preparation programs. Astrological counselors can use the training they gain from the VAC model to promote client trust, rapport, and cultural empathy and improve the astrology counselor-client relationship, All teachers and schools of s of Vedic astrology can participate in ACVA’s VAC program and take advantage of a unique training curriculum that addresses issues pertinent to the learning and development of Vedic astrology learners.

What are the Benefits of the VAC Program?

Gain greater confidence and capacity in your Vedic astrology practice
Be more organized in delivering information to your clients using coaching techniques
Gain the prestige of carrying the designation of ACVA Certified Vedic Astrology Coach™
Provide more value as a skilled coach to your clients
Learn to interact more effectively with your clients, taking into account their needs and wants
Be more in demand and build a new client base by blending the assessment and timing techniques of Vedic astrology with Life Coaching practice











VAC applicants may have studied at any Vedic astrology school or with any Vedic astrology tutor… just pass the VAC Entrance Exam to start.

How Do I Qualify?

1. This is an open course. Qualifying applicants may have completed ACVA Level II certification or have successfully passed the ACVA VAC proficiency entrance exam. Qualifying applicants may have studied at any Vedic astrology school or with any Vedic astrology tutor. Demonstration of proficiency in Vedic astrology ensures that applicants have a good learning experience and progress well in the VAC course.

2. ACVA Level II Certified persons who took Level II courses with the VA209-210 Coaching Modules can begin the VAC program at Module VAC303. Contact for details









The VAC Entrance Exam demonstrates non-ACVA applicant’s proficiency in Vedic astrology and ensures that applicants have a good learning experience and progress well in the VAC course.

What does it Cost?

The total course fee is $897 for all three modules. This can be paid in full or at $297 per each three week module for a total of nine weeks

Applicants who are not ACVA Level II graduates must take an online entrance exam for $97

VAC Course Design

Course Objective Statement

The structure of the VAC Program is one of extended ‘practical’ application of the ACVA Vedic Astrology Coaching™ (VAC) methods and skill sets. These methods and strategies incorporate many techniques and skills from Life Coaching and the ‘Co-Active Coaching’ text used by ACVA.












VAC learners will work with one another online in each week of the class to identify, quantify and implement VAC™ strategies with the approval of the ACVA Online Instructor.

Program Structure

The VAC Certification Program requires a minimum of nine weeks (three, three week modules separated by 2 week breaks as in the ACVA™ Online course modules).

Each Certification Module (VAC301, VAC302 and VAC303) consists of learning and implementing the VAC™ online training through written requirements and live client interaction.

VAC learners will work with one another online in each week of the class to identify, quantify and implement VAC™ strategies with the approval of the ACVA Online Instructor.

Prior to the course start date, as stated by the ACVA Registrar, you must purchase the course text book, “ Co-Active Coaching- Changing Business, Transforming Lives. 3rd Edition by Kimsey-House, Sandahl, and Whitworth. 2011, Boston, Nicholas Brealey Publishing. You can order the book at









Enhance your professional status as an ACVA Certified Vedic Astrology Coach™.

4) The course involves working with an outside client of your choosing (as well as your VAC course mates and instructor). It is advisable to pre-select your “practice” client before the start of the course. The clients will need to commit three weeks of time at approximately two to three one hour sessions per week for each three week module. You can select different practice clients for each module. There will be course documents you will be asked to send to your practice clients in the first week of the class, as indicated in the VAC Course Syllabus (available online once you have registered).

(There is a final comprehensive exam, and learners must attend all nine weeks and complete the course work to earn the designation of ACVA Certified Vedic Astrology Coach ™

Upon completion of this nine week online training program, the successful graduate would be granted a VAC Certificate as designation of their professional status as an ACVA Certified Vedic Astrology Coach™.

Learner Comments on the VAC Program










People around the globe are praising the Vedic Astrology Coaching™ (VAC) Program

“Thank you so much. It is an amazing thing you have created here…truly groundbreaking.” — Juliana

“I am also extremely excited about this VAC work. It truly is groundbreaking and is exactly what I’ve envisioned jyotish to be all along, but needed a clearer frame for it. I’m also realizing what type of client is best for me to work with, and not surprisingly it is the coaching candidates who are the best fit. These are the clients who want more than to be “told what to do” or simply want predictions etc. made. I am much more fulfilled by building a coaching relationship with my clients than the latter. So this is truly a win/win. Thank you for formulating this and offering these wonderful tools to us. VAC is truly a remarkable frame for helping nurture change in clients and for helping the jyotishi feel like their guidance is really of long term use.” — Saraswati

“A Vedic astrologer is indeed a time coach and learning coaching skills will be an asset to giving readings in a way to empower clients.” — Chrissie

“I liked the overall course structure and think the exercises made me a better adviser/coach to my clients. Using the tools provided (in the VAC program) is helping my client in helping her deal with the act of reestablishing her life and her ambitions.” – Gary











The VAC Program empowers clients to make powerful changes for themselves

“I am so excited about this module, and very much looking forward putting all of the pieces together. Brilliant, the work we are all doing together. Thank you Bill for being the creative genius behind the coaching techniques. I feel blessed.” — Georgette

“In India, astrology is mainly predictions, with no coaching at all, and with minimal reference to free will… The next step (with VAC) is to communicate the interpretation of the astrological chart to the client in a way that adds value to his life. He can use his self-awareness to make positive changes in himself.” — Shoba

“The VAC program has been an incredible blessing and journey of self discovery. Overall, I have learned better synthesis techniques, more effective client communication and I see the “whole picture” better.” — Angela

“First let me state that I have really enjoyed the VAC module, as I feel it truly utilizes the gift of Jyotish, which illuminates one’s life path, without putting limitations on one’s life. The Coaching module teaches the Astrologer to elicit the strengths of an individual whilst gently guiding them, in a side-by-side dance, using the information embedded in one’s chart.” — Ki

For more information and course dates please email the VAC course office at









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