December 12, 2009 – 9am PST / Noon EST

Presented December 12, 2009 – 9am PST / Noon EST

Dennis Flaherty

“Mars: Self Determinism in the Cult of Speed” 90 minutes – Dressed in red, with a red body, who has four arms, the son of the earth, whose vehicle is a ram, who carries a trident, a spear and a mace in his hands, with a coral crest jewel on his head, making the gesture that gives boons, may divine Mars ever grant us grace.”

So, goes the invocation to Mars, whom many astrologers consider to be one of the greater malefic grahas, due to the heraldry of weapons in his capable hands.

Therefore, Mars must be examined carefully for his malfeasance, and his magnificence, for when he brings his results he brings them suddenly. Mars hands are quicker than our eyes as his shock and awe are worshipped in the cult of speed. When malefic, Mars and his moons bring fear and panic, conflict and war. The sudden rise and wealth of the international arms and finance industries and the record profits reaped based on based on threats to sovereign and financial security, or whatever fear-of-the-day security threat is in vogue! When malefic, Mars must act suddenly to drive the herd mentality into the chosen direction to reap the profit and control. From the rush to war, the quick-fix to the fast-buck you will see his malefic effects in action from the whirl of weaponry he holds in his three hands. Thankfully, Mars fourth and final hand offers a benefic boon, the boon of self determinism, the free will to chart our own destiny. For certain charts, and at certain times, and in certain planetary combinations Mars becomes a highly benefic planets, who energy and enthusiasm can suddenly change the course of events for the better. When benefic, he represents the valor of all true spiritual warriors, who lead the struggle against fear and ignorance,as Arjuna in the Gita. This class will teach you quickly grasp which hand of Mars you are dealing with to avoid the blows and accept the boons. You must do so quickly to survive in the cult of speed.