January 9, 2010 – 3pm PST / 12pm EST

Presented January 9, 2010 – 3pm PST / 12pm EST

Sat Siri Khalsa

“What are Rasi Dristis and Why are They Important?” 120 minutes – This webinar will explain the significance, power, and pervading presence of the aspects from sign to sign in the zodiac. Using horoscopes of famous people as well as looking at current transits and the upcoming Kumbha Mela, the celebration of Jupiter in Aquarius, we will come to a deeper understanding of this most important of dristis, or visions, for that is what the Sanskrit word for aspect implies. If they are not important, why does Parashara teach about sign aspects even before mentioning planetary aspects? We will see the geometry that accounts for them and the spiritual principles that explain them. The rasi dristis link the actual natural realities of our lives, while the graha dristis show the things we only desire and may or may not obtain. By studying the rasi dristis, we will know better how to take advantage of their power in our own charts.

Offered by Sat Siri Khalsa Vice President, Council of Vedic Astrologers and a teacher in the Jaimini Scholars Program directed by Pandit Sanjay Rath.