July 10th 2010 – Noon, EDT

Presented July 10th 2010 – Noon, EDT

Brendan Feeley, M.A., D.Ay.

Venus – Love, Devotion and Strife

Venus is said to be a wonderful planet; she is sweet, affectionate, sensual and romantic, but we must not forget that this wonder Guru/Teacher is a rajasic graha and aligned with the Asuras, the terrible demons that torment us and destroy our most cherished fantasies of love and pleasure and that special other. What is the real story? Why did Lord Shiva give Sukracharya the Mrityunjaya mantra? Why does Venus have the capacity to bring the dead back to life? Why do 50% of marriages fail?

This exciting Webinar is a lively and entertaining presentation. If you want to survive the on-slaught of hormones, love, relationship and marriage, you need to tune in and learn about this sweet, kind, gentle, romantic and benefic Asura/demon Guru who will slowly undermine all of your fantasies of the perfect mate. She is a true Guru and in the end She will give you more than you had ever desired, provided you are willing to do the work that She demands. She is the Guru of the Tantrics and Her task is to initiate us into the path of the Self, a path that brings fulfillment to our deepest longing, a path that takes us beyond neurotic notions of love and fantasy that give rise to impotency and failure in matters of the heart.

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