November 14, 2009 – 9am PST / Noon EST

Presented November 14, 2009 – 9am PST / Noon EST

Christina Collins

“Astrological DNA — Medical Jyotish:” 90 minutes – Autumn means its time to transition from Pitta programs to Vata pacifying plans. Everything is a combination of Kapha, Pitta and Vata. We find this especially true for those who live where they experience complete seasonal changes. Every sign exhibits the dosha qualities. Each planet has a dominant quality. Each sign has an associated quality. Christina will cover the medical astrological basics; and also present the Medical Drekkana, which are associated with the 36 Drekkana of a Natal chart. Medical issues are such high profile now, as “baby boomers,” are aging and epidemics are flourishing. Don’t miss this one!