October 30th 2010 – 1PM, EDT

Presented October 30th 2010 – 1PM, EDT

Juliana Swanson

The Navamsa in Vedic Astrology

90 Minute Presentation
Vedic astrology ascribes great value to an intricate scheme of 16 harmonic (divisional, or varga) charts, which extend inclusively from the rashi (D-1) to the shastiamsa (D-60). These divisional charts reveal the more hidden qualities of the rashi chart; in effect, they augment the information depicted in the rashi. Harmonics typically provide deeper insight into specific matters, including career, wealth, health, progeny, relationship, and so on. This class focuses on the navamsa (D-9), the most significant divisional chart next to the rashi. Discover why the navamsa is so important in Vedic astrology, and how it is best employed in your interpretive andpredictive work. Learn to quickly calculate the navamsa using a few different methods. Benefit from a streamlined overview of diverse navamsa principles and techniques culled from ancient and modern classics. These key points are further illustrated in several intriguing case studies.

Please join us for this lively and informative Webinar that will help you unlock the power of the navamsa. Juliana teaches Vedic astrology for ACVA’s online program. She is a private astrological tutor, consultant and researcher. For more information about Juliana visit her website at: http://astralharmony.com

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