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ACVA Volunteer Recognition

ACVA simply and sincerely wants to thank its many volunteers and support personnel. They’ve all made a tremendous difference through their selfless efforts in supporting ACVA’s mission to teach Vedic Astrology around the world. Special kudos go out to….
  • Charlotte Benson - Organizational Outreach, Board of Directors

  • Christina Collins - Interorganizational Communication, Board of Directors
  • Ronnie Dreyer, M.A. – ACVA Instructor

  • Gary Gomes, M.A. Ph.D Candidate – ACVA Certified Jyotish Online Instructor

  • Emily Griffith, C.P.A. – Non-Profit Tax Consultant

  • Bill Levacy, Ph.D., ACVA President, Director Course Design and Development

  • Ray and Cherie Litman – IT Services

  • Shoba Mohan M.B.A.– Finances and ACVA Newsletter, ACVA Steering Committee

  • Sandy Moriarty, Accounting Consultant

  • Angela Pennington – Course Development and Management, ACVA Steering Committee, Tutor Outreach and Development

  • Patty Sanders, M.Ed. – Learner Engagement, Registrar, Board of Directors and Steering Committee, ACVA Certified Jyotish Online Instructor

  • Jessica Sayles, M.A. – Finances and Curriculum Development, Board of Directors

  • Paul Skaggs – Certified Financial Planner

  • Carol Strong-Turner – Web design and development

  • Juliana Swanson, R.N. – ACVA Certified Jyotish Online Instructor (JOI)

  • Thomas Wrobel and Associates - Non-Profit Legal Assistance

Educational Achievements for ACVA Associates

  • Ronnie Dreyer, M.A. received a Master’s in Sanskrit from Columbia University

  • Gary Gomes, M.A. in nearing completion of his Doctoral Degree from North Eastern

  • Bill Levacy, Ph.D. came in 2nd place in the 2013 Distinguished Dissertation of the Year Award presented by the International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI).

Bill Levacy, Ph.D., 2nd Place Recipient 2013 Dissertation of the Year Award

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