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Guess the Faculty Member

December 2010 ACVA Online News

By Angela Pennington

This faculty member holds Master Degrees in Medieval History and Exceptional Education from the University of Wisconsin.

She has also earned a Masters Degree in Hindu Studies: Vedic Astrology from Hindu University and graduated from the ACVA Level I and Level II Certification programs.

Having worked in the field of education for more than twenty years, this faculty member has contributed their time and talents to creating course material and certification exams for the ACVA Online Program.

Can you guess who this faculty member is?


Jessica Sayles

If you guessed Jessica Sayles you are correct!

Jessica is not all study and research! She volunteers as a "guide dog puppy raiser" for Guide Dogs For The Blind, located in San Rafael, CA. The puppy stays with the raiser for one year who trains him to participate in all sorts of events and places. In the picture the 12 week old puppy, Ellery, is participating in a Christmas parade. Since he was so young he was riding in the wagon. He enjoyed it. There are various clubs throughout the 5 Western States that provide guidance and training. They usually meet once a week either for training or socialization outings. It is fun work and a change from studying charts!

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