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First VAC Graduates

Congratulations To ACVA's First Graduating Class
In Vedic Astrology Coaching™

Gary GomesGary Gomes, MBA from University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth has been involved in government workforce development work since 1975. Since 2000, Gary has worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education, first in Adult Education, then in 2002, moving to Career/Vocational Technical Education. Gary started his study of Jyotish in 1990.He served on the ACVA Board between 1997 and 2003. He has been teaching at ACVA from 2004 to the present. Gary was elected Vice-President of CVA in 2004 and President of CVA in 2007. Gary is also a Swami of the Kriya Yoga lineage, and a Reiki Master. Gary is currently working towards an Ed.D. degree from Northeastern University. Gary can be reached by email at

Gary’s comments on the VAC program:
“I liked the overall course structure and think the exercises made me a better adviser/coach to my clients. Using the tools provided (in the VAC program) is helping my client in helping her deal with the act of reestablishing her life and her ambitions.”

Shoba MohanShoba Mohan holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, (Finance) and another MBA from the University of Missouri, Columbia (MIS). She retired in 2009, after a long career in Banking, to pursue her lifelong interest in Vedic Astrology. Her inspiration was her mother, who was a renowned palmist for many years.

Shoba is a mother of 2 girls and a grandmother of 3 (soon to be 4), she spends her spare time traveling around the globe with her husband Krishna. They live in the Princeton, New Jersey area. She can be reached at

Shoba’s comments on the VAC program:
“In India, astrology is mainly predictions, with no coaching at all, and with minimal reference to free will… The next step (with VAC) is to communicate the interpretation of the astrological chart to the client in a way that adds value to his life. He can use his self-awareness to make positive changes in himself.”

Angela PenningtonAngela Pennington has owned and operated a wide range of successful businesses; import and export, computer store Pacific Solutions, and a local metaphysical store called Sacred Traditions. Angela has an extensive background in Wicca, Shamanism and the study of Hermetic Philosophy. In 2004 her spiritual focus turned to Buddhism which ushered in a powerful time of healing and shifting consciousness. For one year, starting spring 2005, Angela taught beginning meditation at Sarana International Buddhist Temple, under the tutelage of Abbott Polwatte Pangnananda. Angela holds the following titles : Jyotish Visharada, CVA, Professional Member Council of Vedic Astrology, Certified Level 1, American College Vedic Astrology, Editor and Columnist, ACVA Quarterly News. Angela’s website is

Angela’s comments on the VAC program:
“The VAC program has been an incredible blessing and journey of self discovery. Overall, I have learned better synthesis techniques, more effective client communication and I see the “whole picture” better.”

Ki KosutKi Kosut is Founder/Director DCH, LMT, CPT, Clinical Ayurvedic and Pancha Karma Specialist, Reiki Master, Master NLP Practitioner. Certified Aston- Patterning Practitioner, Pilates & Yoga Instructor. Teacher Trainer: Asian Bodywork Certification, Neurotransfomation Certification, Hypnosis Certification, Pilates Teacher Training, Yoga Teacher Training, Massage Therapy Program.

Ki’s intent is to develop her skills as a healer, incorporating several different modalities to help her clients overcome the challenges in their lives, as well as to teach these modalities to others. Ki adds Vedic Astrology Coaching™ to the her growing list of skills. Ki can be reached at her website at

Ki’s comments on the VAC program:
“First let me state that I have really enjoyed the VAC module, as I feel it truly utilizes the gift of Jyotish, which illuminates one’s life path, without putting limitations on one’s life. The Coaching module teaches the Astrologer to elicit the strengths of an individual whilst gently guiding them, in a side-by-side dance, using the information embedded in one’s chart.”

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