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ACVA Online June 2013
President's Message

By ACVA Online President William Levacy, Ph.D.

Vedic Astrology Coaching™:
A New Approach to Consultations

William R. Levacy, Ph.D
President, American College of Vedic Astrology™ (ACVA)

In the growing tide of globalization, a new astrological approach is needed to work with people internationally. A Vedic astrologer must become culturally competent to achieve good results with clients around the world. Some of the greater values of Vedic Astrology Coaching ™ (VAC™) are now being taught by the American College of Vedic Astrology™ (ACVA), a non-profit educational organization founded to spread the principles and practices of Vedic astrology around the world. With increased telecommunications, the internet, software applications, and social media, astrological consultations have changed domains from interactions in local areas to serving the needs of clients across the world’s borders. People are becoming global. People are still striving to maintain the integrity of their own cultures, but are expanding now to be something more…. citizens of the world. As such, there is a need for astrologers to be more inclusive of other cultural heritages. For astrological consultations to remain relevant, astrologers must comprehend the implications of cultural diversity.

Vedic Astrology Coaching™ can help eliminate the familiar directed consultation styles based on gaining paternalistic control of the client. The newer communication and software technologies might seem to give astrologers of the 21st century a competitive advantage but understanding clients and their multicultural needs more deeply is the greater gain.

A shift is occurring worldwide. People are advancing from collectivistic thinking and action to a more individualistic outlook. Astrological clients are seeking guidance rather than the traditional paternalistic direction. Modern, younger clients, especially in the West, are more self-sufficient and want to be more engaged in the process. A new breed of clients is emerging who want to be held responsible for managing their own personal development. They want a “guide on the side,” and not a “ sage on the stage.”

Coaching Is…
The new Vedic Astrology Coaching™ model is about creating a trusting and collaborative environment between the astrologer and the client. It is a co-directed relationship that fosters personal development and improvement of the client’s performance on any level. Some of the key characteristics of an astrologer-client coaching relationship are:

The astrologer conducting a respectful conversation that focuses on the needs of the client being coached a positive, uplifting, “we can find a way” style of relating that can be utilized across any culture a focus on helping people achieve improved performance by looking at their problems in terms of solutions.

Interacting with a client in a way that stimulates their understanding about what needs to be accomplished, empowers them to take ownership and control of their own self-discovery, and leaves them feeling open and motivated to take more effective actions in time to release more of the potential that lies in their chart.

Coaching Is Not…
Directing, controlling, or manipulating the client according to the astrologer’s agenda and perceived superior position over the client having all the answers and being responsible for taking ownership or directly solving problems for the client being impatient, judgmental, or scolding in tone.

Giving assistance to the client without attaining mutual understanding and permission from the client.

Mentoring, counseling, therapy, “hand-holding,” or “bossing around”.

What a Vedic Astrology Coach™ Does…
  • Comes from a place of integrity modeling standards of good behavior to others

  • Develops a collaborative or co-directed relationship with the client

  • Works to gain the client’s trust—a very important component of coaching

  • Treats the client with respect, talking in a way that is positive, supportive, and helpful

  • Tells the truth in a straightforward way but such that it enables the client to hear through their defenses, accept the guidance, and take action to grow as a result. He both comforts and challenges the client

  • Works with the astrology chart, helping the client realistically assess those areas of attitudes, knowledge, and action that limits them from reaching their full potential

  • Presents the coaching information in an objective manner

  • Inspires the client to their innate ability to discover new possibilities. Lets them know that solutions or new ways of working in the world can be found

  • Encourages the client to go beyond their boundaries and to stretch into a new future for themselves, in alignment with their highest nature as revealed in the chart
How Vedic Astrology Coaching™ Benefits Individuals
  • Uses simple, proven concepts that are applicable to individuals across any culture

  • uses a common set of terms that are easy to relate to

  • Focuses on the potential of individuals not just their problems

  • Uses the chart’s analytic and forecasting tools, to provide a structure, process, and timetable for understanding the client’s behavior over time

  • Emphasizes respect for the client and their potential

  • Focuses the client on their own capacity and responsibility for solving problems

  • Strives to build the client’s self-con?dence and incorporation of the highest levels of their chart

  • Understands that outcomes are based on behavior, and helps the client plan for better performance in any chosen area of life, specifically as revealed in the chart

  • It provides a model for personal development, using the chart and a special diagnostic tool called the “Dharma Chakra Wheel”

  • Keeps the client focused on conversations and perspectives that help their reach higher achievement

  • Using Vedic astrology principles and practices in the chart to help maintain the focus on future-oriented thinking
Why a Vedic Astrology Coaching™ (VAC) Consultation Improves Performance over Traditional Consultations

The VAC consultation develops a clear purpose, and focuses the astrologer and client on improving specific behaviors over time, using the chart, the Dharma Karma Chakra Wheel, and the intentions of the client The structure and process of a VAC consultation helps both the astrologer and the client to stay on track, thus achieving new behavioral outcomes in less time

A VAC consultation keeps everyone’s attention focused on identifying and improving not only behavior but behavior over time

A VAC consultation strives to create a place for the client to feel safe in discussing the limitations and opportunities for improvement seen in the chart

Appropriate time frames for agreed-upon actions are identified via the chart and an action plan for improvement is established with the client

The VAC process strives to help the client maintain accountability for creating a new future for themselves

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