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ACVA Online Summer 2014
President's Message

By ACVA Online President William Levacy, Ph.D.

President's Message Summer 2014 William Levacy, Ph.D.The summer solstice is a point in time in the northern Hemisphere, when the earth is most directly tilted on its axis toward the Sun. Prithivi, the Earth, bows in gratitude to Surya, the Sun who brings light and warmth to all living beings. On this day, members of various cultures, enjoy celebrations, marking this as the longest day of the year. The Devas, or shining one representing the powers of nature, are most fully lighted up on this day. It is a time to be jubilant and to celebrate the bounties of nature’s goodness.

When we look at the calendar of events for this summer season, we see several opportunities to participate in the celebration of summer’s long lights. We have made a list of announcements below. Be sure to attend at least one of these events and join in with others in sharing the blessings of knowledge and community.

ACVA also wants to welcome Angela Pennington and Shoba Mohan, the newest members of our college board of directors. Angela brings to ACVA her many years of success in entrepreneurial business ventures and astrological experience. Welcome Angela! Shoba comes from the culture of Jyotish and will add her energy, enthusiasm and considerable business skills to help ACVA in its mission to expand the quality and reach of Vedic education around the world. Welcome on board, Shoba!

We also want to thank Charlotte Benson for her research in identifying the major time events coming up in the next few months. Many Vedic scholars are looking forward to the entrance of Jupiter into Cancer -- where once in a 12 year period Jupiter becomes exalted.

ACVA is also proud to announce the certification of Cheryl Cooper, who now carries the designation of ACVA Certified Level II Vedic astrologer. Congratulations, Cheryl.

In September, ACVA will be starting another certification course for the designation of ACVA Certified Vedic Astrology Coach (VAC). Those that sign up by Labor Day, get the first week of the first module for free. The response from learners to date has been fantastic and we want all qualifying ACVA Level II grads to take advantage of this special offer. Contact our ACVA Registrar at for more information.

Finally, go out and celebrate the summer season! -- and if possible attend one of the special conferences being offered by organizations around the country and heed the words of one of our modern day sages:

'The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." -- Oprah Winfrey!

William R. Levacy, Ph.D. President American College of Vedic Astrology
William R. (Bill) Levacy, Ph.D.


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