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Spring Equinox 2013 By Manoj Soma

This short article aims to explain the etymological and astronomical basis of the Spring Equinox of 20th March 2013. An astrological perspective of this is also explored examining the lead up to this equinox and in particular how the mystical symbolism of the major planets have ushered in some global changes to pave the way for a new beginning in 2013

The earth has a circular orbit around the Sun, but itself rotates on its North to South axis (the axis of rotation) with a tilt of 23 degrees. This is like a top spinning at a slight angle, rather than being perfectly horizontal. If the earth were perfectly horizontal the sun would give each face of the earth equal light and darkness as it spins. Instead, and as a result of the ‘wobble’ the orientation of the earth’s North to South axis in relation to the Sun changes over the course of a year. This provides variation of the amount of solar energy, light and heat the north and south hemispheres receive in the four seasons.

During this orbit there are specific times when the axis of rotation (i.e. the line from the North to the South Pole) is exactly parallel to the direction of motion of the earth around the sun. This happens on only 2 days of the year and is known as an equinox.

When this happens the length of the day is almost exactly the same as the length of the night creating the perfect day.

This indicates how the word ‘equinox’ originated. Equinox is derived from the Medieval Latin word ‘aequinoxium’ which translates as the union of two words Aequs (equal) and Nox (Night). In taking this etymology further there is also a time where there is equal balance of Sol/Luna - day/night - yin/yang – a very opportune time for creation and integration to take place. It is on these four equinoxes that the tropical zodiac is based.When this phenomenon happens in spring, in the northern hemisphere, it is known as the Vernal Equinox and this occurs on the 20th of March in 2013.

Vernal is a word of Latin origin; meaning ‘bloom, young or developing’. In our lives it is our young adulthood. The vernal equinox is a celebration of the end of winter and rebirth of nature with spring’s associated symbolism of fertility, resurrection, growth and regeneration. After the spring equinox. The axis of the rotation of the earth continues to slowly increase its tilt towards the sun, and the length of daylight starts to increase with the sun also being visibly higher in the sky. The northern hemisphere begins to warm providing the base heat for plant growth and for flowers to start to bloom, many other interconnected changes take place in the biosphere that support this process. In 2013, the vernal equinox takes place with the Sun at 6 degrees in Pisces in the Nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada, this particular equinox has the Sun in close proximity to Mars and Venus in Pisces (in combustion) whilst Jupiter is in Taurus creating an exchange of signs between the worlds of Mystical Spirit and Earthy Matter and Form. Jupiter, Guru of the Gods (Jupiter) is uncomfortable in the enemy, earthy and worldly domain of Venus the Guru of the mortals/demons (Venus) who is present and dignified in exaltation in Pisces. – This is the second major exchange of houses this year involving Venus having just emerged out of an exchange with that great teacher of experience (Saturn).

Chart One

The lead up to this equinox has seen much societal reformation through the Venus/Saturn exchange - the refining and sculptive energy of Venus is chiseling away at the traditional and conservative approach of Saturn to create change and revolution to traditional religious and organizational structures. A way this refining ‘union of change’ is demonstrated is through Venus’s current transits, as dispositor of both Venusian zodiacal signs that relate to gratifying our senses (Libra and Taurus). Both these signs contain strong symbolism relating to the change currently taking place in the UK food industry. They also relate to relevant parts of the body, the mouth, and what we eat, and the stomach where it is digested. Venus’s lordship and refining power during its transits Capricorn into Aquarius, has brought to attention the processes involved in the farming and food production industry. Jupiter’s position is currently in Taurus which is the fixed earth sign for farming, agriculture, soil, food and consumption. However it is not placed positively in this sign, as it is in the sign of an enemy. Jupiter’s natural desire for growth and the expansion of wisdom is not seated well or optimal in Taurus the sign of its enemy Venus; however these two planets will have an opportunity to connect energies better to each other in the forthcoming Venus /Jupiter exchange at the time of the Equinox.
The Karmic reckoning of Rahu’s conjunction with Saturn in the justice sign of Libra has exposed the nature of the processes being used in the UK industry for food production and indicated a need for reform and clarity. The exposure has had severe repercussions for the meat industry involving lawsuits and accusations of deception. Until recently there has been a trend of increased intake of processed ready meals, we have been running out of time to cook properly and in doing so risking our health and longevity, as a result obesity is on the rise. Much of this relates to the lifestyle we live in the modern age and the need to reassert a balance with using traditional methods or growing one’s own produce and simplifying diet – very much a Saturnine lesson of the importance of traditional approaches which is a recurring and reinforcing theme during its dignity and exaltation. It also promotes natural and organic farming methods, which are simple and acquired through honest means.The manufacturers of such food products are alleged to have taken shortcuts in order to meet demand and also cut costs for commercial reasons, but in doing so have apparently kept the truth from the public. This has now come to the fore with many of these manufacturers requiring the revisiting of production processes to ensure future ethical conduct as well as appropriate and clear advertising of information. High Street Retail has suffered in mundane astrology, with many stores closing down unable to compete with the digital market place. This is indicated within the position of Saturn and Rahu within the sign of the market place: Libra. It is all well and good for Saturn to stick to its traditional bricks and mortar approach to selling but with Rahu’s approaching embrace and Venus the technology sculptor transiting Aquarius, revolution and evolution is necessary in order to keep up with the digital generation and consumer dynamics of today.

A whole new digital architecture, structures and processes need to be in place to match this demand – notably Mercury is having a particularly long transit and station through Aquarius this year. New innovations such as Smart Touchscreen watches from Apple, and Glasses containing information display screens from Google have recently lit up many a technologist’s radar. As we move forward from the equinox the exchanging energy will invoke the exalted Piscean Venus to exchange with grounded Earth-based Jupiter in each other signs as caretaker landlords. Here as spring gets into flow, the equinox energies will provide fertile and healthy ground for new growth to take place after a period of intense scrutiny, revisiting purpose, authenticity and integrity. This particular equinox could signify further reconciliation of the realms of science and spirit as ancient traditions become duly respected for the wisdom they contain, and new ways of living in line with universal order. All this born from a day where there is equal union between night and day.

Wishing you the best of spring 2013!

Manoj Soma Biography

My background in Astrology began in 2001 when I first started to attend classes at BAVA in London under the excellent tutelage of Geoffrey Pearce. Since then I have had the fortune to be influenced by many excellent teachers and authors including Hart deFouw, Geoffrey Pearce, Andrew Foss, Komilla Sutton and Dennis Harness. I was also very fortunate to gain audience with the late Bepin Behari which provided me with special esoteric guidance as to how to develop my understanding intuitively and by an exploration into Myth, Science and Culture.

I am qualified as an educationalist by profession and work with designing curriculum and integrating technology and multimedia into teaching and learning. I am now part of a growing online community for Astrologers with an active Facebook group. I run regular webinars, classes and counseling for Vedic Astrology and Science at evenings & weekends in the UK to find out more please contact me!

Manoj Soma,
Vedic Astrology and Science, United Kingdom
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