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by Angela Pennington

Nimitta is the ancient art of interpreting nature’s messages. Commonly referred to as Omens. The theory of Nimitta rests on a foundational principal; the whole of nature is governed by universal law and operates in a natural order. Therefore, things happen as they must, dispelling any idea of coincidence.

Throughout history, in all cultures, wise men and women were revered for their ability to understand the language spoken by the natural world. The Priests witnessed signs in the weather, unusual phenomena, colors around the luminaries and movements of the planets, as well as unusual occurrences like meteors and comets. They observed the behaviors of insects, birds, fish, animals, trees and various plants. Every part of nature belongs to the whole. Through these observations determinations were made about the abundance of crops and rainfall. Omens were observed as guidance on where to invest effort and money. Nimitta advised about how and when to sell crops and precious gems and metals.

Omen reading would detect the rise and fall of royalty, governments, military actions, and dangers of all kinds. In addition, these omens would reveal times of increase, prosperity and abundance. One of the core Vedic texts for Nimitta is Varahamihira’s Brihat Samhita. Personally, I have found this text to be fascinating and accurate within context. As an example, on February 11, 2013 the Catholic Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation. He was the first Pope to do so in over 600 years. Several hours after this announcement, two lightning strikes hit the top of the Vatican.

Apparently, this was not the first time as I found an article reference in USA Today dated February 12th titled “Lightning Strikes the Vatican -- Literally”: "Lightning has a long, symbolic history in the Italian capital, even predating the Catholic Church: "In Rome, from before 300 B.C. to as late as the fourth century, A.D., the College of Augurs, composed of distinguished Roman citizens, was charged with the responsibility of determining the wishes of Jupiter relative to state affairs," writes engineer and lightning expert Martin A. Uman in his book Lightning Discharge. "This was accomplished," Uman writes, "by making observations of three classes of objects in the sky: birds, meteors, and lightning. In the case of the latter, the observation was always made while looking south, and the location of the lightning relative to the direction of observation was taken as a sign of Jupiter's approval -- or disapproval."

"Lightning is a powerful symbol and is mentioned quite clearly in the Brihat Samhita:” Should Temples, houses, triumphal arches, flags and the like be burnt without fire or by lightning, there would undoubtedly be an attack by a foreign army after six months”. Vatican City is independent of Italy. Within a few days of this lightning strike, the Government of Italy confiscated a large amount of money from the Vatican. In modern day terms, this is a form of foreign attack. If cash flow is impeded, a nation can literally be brought to its knees. We will need to patiently watch the news to see how this Nimitta continues to unfold.

As astrologers, we work with Nimitta on a smaller scale. Perhaps we hear a dog barking during a consultation indicating a warning. Or a bluebird lands on the window sill which may indicate happiness or a new beginning. These are both forms of Nimitta and can be incorporated into our consultation.It’s important to know the universe speaks to all of us individually. We may receive the same message but not the same way. A message delivered as the sound of a harp for you, may come to me as the vision of a bluebird. In either case, we both received a positive omen. The universe speaks to those who listen.

Angela Pennington

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